Honeybites: HONEYBLOODS #2 Author I.S. Belle

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! Spoilers ahead if you haven't read book one yet!





"Sadie Greer woke up dead."

The bassist, the one who could potentially be Honey's sire got away! But our girls have to pause their murderous road trip to return to High School for Senior year. Bleh! If they don't return and act like everything is normal than it could confirm they were involved with the bands untimely demise. Plus, they're girlfriends now and undead!

Only when a true crime video blows up in popularity amongst their peers everything changes. They need to lie in more ways than one to prove they weren't anywhere near the band! Things get really dicey when a Vampire Hunter shows up! Will the two be able to make it to the end of their senior year? Or will bloodlust take over and they won't have a class to graduate with?!

Honey groaned. “Don’t be a baby! God. I was not this bad in my first week.” 

“I had to stab you with a piece of mirror,” Sadie reminded her weakly.

I was so excited my duo was back for more! I love these novellas and just the banter between Honey and Sadie! Not to mention the books are influenced by "Jennifer's Body" only actually sapphic!

Small towns are great, positively wonderful (insert sarcasm here) . . .until you're the center of everyone's attention! Small towns usually don't have a lot going on and there aren't very many "fun" things to do. So, when there's anything remotely exciting everyone and their dog latches onto it and talks about it. Enter Sadie and Honey who are allegedly seen in a true crime YouTube video covering the murder of the indie band!

Sadie and Honey soon realize they need to go back to being ex friends who despise one another. I mean Honey's still the IT girl and popular one everyone wants to be around. While Sadie is seen as a freak and outcast. This wasn't supposed to be how senior year went for them! It broke my heart seeing Honey pretending to hate Sadie. Some of the things said was rough but I understood why even if I just wanted to crawl through the pages to hug Sadie!

I loved seeing the differences between the two baby vamps. Sadie seems to be more sensitive than Honey. I still thoroughly enjoy Honey's commentary on everything and her comical banter she brings to the table. I really want to see how this will all end for our girls and what's going to happen to Honey's annoying, selfish ex!

“We spend too much time hanging out in bathrooms,” Sadie croaked.

This series is YA horror so expect violence, blood, biting, vomiting, and more. My girls need to survive off animal blood so hunting and filling of thermoses is shown. Dual POVs to really understand the differences between the girls and how one is suffering really bad from hunger and bloodlust. I respect and adore the details Belle wrote in about being surrounded by all the loud sounds and heartbeats! Language is present through the read.

"The world was bigger now. Scarier and infinitely more uncertain—but bigger. She had her favorite person back. . ." - Sadie

Our girls want to be loud and proud about being girlfriends, but plans changed. This is YA sapphic and so there is kissing and intimate moments but nothing more. I enjoy their dynamic and how Sadie breaks through Honey's mask. Understanding her sarcasm and jokes are a front. Cannot wait to see how their story ends!

We do get closer with a couple of things within this installment. But there's still the main overarching plot of finding Honey's sire! I love the writing and the fast pace of the novellas! We get a recap of things from book one which helped to refresh the memories. 

Do enjoy the novella with opposites, blood cravings, and more! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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