Eye of Hawk: Precious Stones Series Book Two Author Blanka H. Madow

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and leaves off on cliffhangers if you haven't read, "Mother of Pearl: Precious Stones Series Book One", please go read that one first. Otherwise, this review will contain spoilers and be confusing!








"Everybody makes mistakes, but if your intentions were pure, why do you see yourself as such evil?" - Nicholai

Carrying around so much guilt and pain from what happened Valeri has made some hefty promises. Ones she wasn't fully ready for or fully understood but they needed to be done. Now she has to pick up the pieces and try to move forward but which path should she take? What's most important to her and what can she release?

Her magic is growing, and she's trying to understand it and potentially unlock more of herself. But being in the "enemies" kingdom has her guards up. For more reasons than one, though as she gets closer to King Nicholai and his close circle, she finds her stance shifting. He's supposed to be the one she hates the most! The one who has a bloody history involving humans and witches. So, why's there this pull to him? Why's he being so patient with her and respecting her boundaries? Is it all a ploy?

"If you believe truly in something and it resembles a spell of any kind, you do magic." - Nicholai

Note to self, be careful manifesting things and doing spell work because it may bring about things you don't want. Val's learning and trying to move forward while remembering the past and aiming to not get burned or manipulated again. Having been in the Armanta Kingdom has left her untrusting and for good reasons.

I was so engrossed in this read that I would have finished it all in one night but apparently you need some sleep before the day job. . . I'm unsubscribing from being an adult as soon as I can find that box to uncheck! I love this series and the author and was so happy with this second installment of the series!

I loved how with this book we got to see Valeri not being as open and trusting or easily fooled. Even though as you read your wondering if her feelings are just but that little voice being like hmmm? I very much enjoyed her dynamic with Nick and how he was respecting of her. Being extremely patient and I do believe he enjoyed her stubbornness.

I felt for Val and the need to believe she needed punishment for things. Even if we know there was no way around situations, and it wasn't completely in our control it's hard not to seek penance for outcomes. . .  We got to see how she grieved and tried working through it after losing someone very dear to her. I also felt for her as she sought out familiar faces within the new kingdom. Heartbreak all around with the beginning of this read.

Valeri's learning more about the kingdom and the beliefs surrounding the people of the continent. I admired the take on soulmates and how they could possibly be brought together. Making things difficult for Val because there's questions and unwanted feelings regarding the intricacies of soulmates. And her still believing she doesn't need the other half to her soul.

Avieles is still my favorite character! The dynamic he presented with Val was hilarious and I enjoyed the bantering. Even if a couple of times he went too far, but Val's not a pushover and refuses to just roll over. Making the two even better as they are paired up throughout the read! I really hope he makes it all the way until the end of the series and gets a HAE! I understand if the author decides to break my heart, but still!

This book does have language in it as well as violence and mention of blood. Some of the things Val had to endure in the Armanta Kingdom are mentioned. There's feelings of grief and loss as well as how it takes a toll on the body and a brief panic attack shown on page. I enjoyed the single POV being Valeri's and how we get to really see and understand her growth.

Sorry, but this book we don't get that big spicy scene! This will be a slow burn romance and there is a scene with passionate MF action, but it doesn't go all the way. The tropes I would say for this blooming relationship are enemies to lovers, close proximity, and marriage of convenience. I still enjoyed the two idiots and really hope for more with them!

This book left off with a cliffhanger and I am extremely eager for the next installment in the series! I love the take on stones and their importance to witches/people. I love the entire concept of this series and all the twists and turns along with the emotions being provoked within this read. Wondering which side is the "right" one and who should you trust. Cannot wait for more!

Enjoy the read with a strong FMC who's breaking the "norm" of things all around! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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So, I just saw! But if you loved Sol and Beta, Blanka has a link to get their book and as of now it's free! I will have to read it because I absolutely loved both characters!

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