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4 out of 5 stars!

"Others needed protecting from him, not the other way around." - Alexei

Alexei is a powerful and feared demon hybrid. He knows that if he were to unleash his full magic the world may not remain standing but like everything else in his life discipline and willpower are key. Though even with all that going for him he still feels like a failure in areas of his life. Not to mention he's an unmated crown prince! 

That's all about to change when he gets dragged into a rescue mission and finds someone who makes his magic sing! His demon side recognizes this sunshine princess as his, but he cannot act on it. She's an angel and he's a demon! Though when a human organization presses in on his territory and not-mate Alexei may just have to act! Joelle refusing to sit on the sidelines!

"More than anything, I want wings so I can fly away any time I like.” - Joelle

I finally had a chance to read Alexei's story! My grumpy demon hybrid with a sister who reminds me of Harley Quinn! Even though the book says the third book of "The Wicked Series", it can be read as a standalone. There may be some small spoilers pertaining to "Wicked Crown" or just make you want to go back and read that installment! (Goblin Princess Vori's story!)

Joelle's been a prisoner her whole life and refuses to be locked away ever again! Especially when she gets her freedom and family back. Only she wants to find her biological parents and understand who or what she is. Those in the supernatural category cannot place what she is or what the symbols that glow on her skin are from. And Alexei's hot and cold attitude and forcing distance between them isn't helping! Not when he could possibly be her mate and she could be his?!

“Get over yourself, Alexei. You’re not the reason crappy stuff happens. Nor are you the Chosen One to save us.” - Alys (my love!)

Alexei feels as though he's failed the women in his life. The ones he loves the most and views with respect even if his sister tries to accidently blowup his homebase on a daily basis. Working on "perfecting" formulas and measurements. . . With Joelle he knows she is his mate, but he just can't. He's a villain and his darkness will swallow up her light! But when another MC starts getting close to Joelle and shows interest in his not-mate Alexei may just end the world here and now!

I enjoyed the struggle between the two characters, yes this is a slow burn romance with angst! Grumpy "villain" believing he knows what's best, but my man gets put in his place on multiple occasions. I liked how Joelle challenged him along with another MC that basically tested Alexei's resolve. There was a lot of found family moments and realizations that had me smiling. Blood isn't a deciding factor on who's your family and who isn't! The arc revolving around Tai had me tearing up and cheering!

Joelle's been a prisoner of a not-so-kind-human-organization. One that doesn't see supers as anything but monsters and things to toy with and destroy. . . Joelle had to endure torture, manipulation, and more. There aren't any hardcore descriptions but there are some scenes and understandings of situations that may be triggering to some. Blood and violence surrounding "scientific" experiments and research.

Language is prominent throughout the book. Kidnappings take place along with hostage situations. Joelle suffers from mental trauma and has to deal with nightmares, anxiety, and that cruel voice of doubt. Having to work through her tormenters brainwashing and manipulation. I appreciated and respected that Alexei didn't fix all of that for Joelle or fully. Sometimes you really do need family and friends who have your back even if some battles are your own. Not to mention other women that help demonstrate strength and become shoulders to lean on or help you look drop dead gorgeous!

There are different powers, physical attributes, or abilities within the supers of similar races. Some having tails and others not within the demon hybrids. I loved the diversity and the uniqueness of the characters even if some were side characters! I love Eddie and just want to hug my big demon hybrid! 

“You’ve been the hero already today, but right now, I’m in need of a villain.” - Joelle

We have close proximity and idiots to lovers, most of that being on Alexei! Dual POVs helping to emphasize this point. Alexei checking all the boxes of touch her and die, "who did this to you", etc. But he's still a stubborn fool who has to learn the hard way. MF action does happen, and we have some fun primal play and a chase scene. Joelle may be a virgin, but she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to verbally joust with Alexei. His wings are a big plus for her, but can you blame her? He also has horns!

HEA for book! Now I really want to read Josh's story ("Flash Point") and other works from Luna! Enjoy the supernatural romance with opposites and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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