Neve and the Sigma Seven: A Modern Snow White Retelling Author Roisin Visser

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4 out of 5 stars!

"I never thought about what would happen if I got out of the basement I’d been locked in for two years. What would come next? Because I never believed I’d make it out." - Neve

Neve has escaped, she's free! But where is she? In pain and confused Neve wakes to find that she ran onto a college campus and is surrounded by strange men. A group of seven college guys who've been dubbed the Sigma Seven and given the Seven Dwarves nicknames. 

At first glance and with Rush week the guys assumed the mysterious girl was just another drunk college kid. On closer inspection and the way Neve reacts to things they soon realize they were wrong. She's hiding something dark and possibly running from something big. But majority of the guys refuse to give her up. Especially after she took the job their leader gave her. Now they're eating like kings and the house is spotless. But there's something more to Neve that helps to brighten the place up and the individual guys.

"Kindness after a drought of any good emotions is almost too much." - Neve

I like this modern retelling and how there are several odes to the Disney classic and the Grimm Brother's. Read the TWs because this is a dark why choose romance.

For two years Neve has been locked up and abused both physically and mentally by her stepmom and stepmom's fiancé. Being in such a horrible situation Neve could only focus on escape and praying she could actually get away! Desperately hoping she could have any future away from her current reality. When she does find out her plan worked, she has no idea what to do next!

The guys were "gifted" the nicknames by the last Sigma house president as a cruel joke and the one who almost completely destroyed the house's reputation! Jamie (Doc) being the new president has to face the penalizations and probationary measures the college has taken. Hoping to keep the house and the reputation clean. The Seven helping in the endeavor but keeping the bad apples away is proving difficult.

I liked how not all of the guys were for Neve. I mean she's a total stranger who's not wanting to give the details of her past or why she's running. Some are unsure and voice their opinions, but no one can deny that Neve is helping the house. Neve slowly thawing hearts and minds as she gets to know the guys. But she can't get too close because she has to focus on her next move, and she could potentially bring trouble to the guys. Her stepmom will soon be looking for her. . .

We have fun banter, comedy, pranks, different personality types, and the guys embracing their nicknames and each other's. I like how the joke backfired because the guys honestly match that dwarf names. Ridley (Sneezy) reminded me of the giraffe Melman from "Madagascar". He has the disorder where he believes he has everything in existence. Doesn't help that my man reads WebMD as much as another would check their socials. 

Corey walking past muttering, “Might just stick a fork in an outlet and call it a day.”

Corey was another favorite of mine and I respected that we got a reasoning behind his grumpiness and distrust of people! I loved each of the guys for different reasons! Beckett is just a big golden retriever you just want to hug! The multiple POVs help to showcase the guys and how they really feel about Neve or their thought process behind things. 

This read does include language, violence, and bloodshed. Captor/Prisoner situation and dealing with the aftermath. Neve trying to move forward with her life but has a ways to go working through the trauma her stepmom and stepmom's partner inflicted on her. Stepmom's fiancé took liberties of Neve, no real intense details but the understandings of what happened may be triggering. Anxiety, fear, PTSD moments, jealousy, and more.

“You too, Rids?” Leo’s jaw clenches. “Who isn’t into my future girlfriend?” He’s going to declare war if he wants to claim Neve for himself.

Now the guys are very protective of Neve, right down to "who did this to you" and "touch her and die"! Even if they aren't all on team Neve at first, none of them will tolerate anyone coming too close to her or harming Neve in any way! We have different burn rates and a little bit of a slow burn in general. Neve can't help but keep her eyes on the guys, especially when they dress half naked around the frat house! We do have MFMM action and group fun with all of them together. Some MM action and bi awakenings within the guys!

The book does end with and HEA! A fun modern fairytale with twists all around!

Enjoy the college romance read and don't forget to give the author some stars! Neve and the Sigma Seven: A Modern Snow White Retelling eBook : Visser, Roisin: Kindle Store


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