The Devil Takes: The Devil Takes What's Willingly Given Book 1 Author Fae Quin

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5 out of 5 stars!

"They said the Devil only took what you were willing to give." - Percy

Percy wants to live the life that will hopefully grant him pride and acceptance from his father. Hiding his Omega gender he tries to live a normal Beta life on campus. Finding himself in a graveyard proving his worth in a classic college initiation-hazing. He desperately "needs" to be in the Alpha Beta Phi house. . .

Only when Percy actually meets the Devil his world gets flipped upside down and inside out! Suddenly our boy is having to face things he never wanted to! Realizing the truth of being an Omega and just how far his father went to keep Percy down and controlled. Percy being drawn to Haden and more but how can he be a Beta and ignore his Omega side? Which is the right path to take?

"Hell was waking up every day knowing there was nothing you could do to end the nightmare. Hell was craving the love and attention of the people that would never stop hurting you. Life was Hell." - Percy

This story is loosely based on the Hades and Persephone tale. Only both of the love interests are males, and we have the fun sub-genre of the Omegaverse! 

Percy is such a precious soul with a big heart! My love grows vegetables and gets teary eyed when he understands that he will be eating the fruits of his labor! He sees the final form of the vegetables as his babies! I could relate to Percy on so many levels. He would rather spend all his time in the greenhouse than anywhere else. Finding peace and being able to fully relax when he's close to the ground and near plants.

Our baby does carry a lot of weight on his shoulders. Having suffered from an abusive home and trying to start a life for himself. But unfortunately, with abuse even if you know you shouldn't you still want acceptance and unconditional love from your family. Especially parental figures. Percy is slowly waking up and facing all the things he thought was "normal". Coming to terms with things from his past that were extremely toxic. A healing journey is beginning!

I loved the opening graveyard scene! Percy meeting Haden and all thoughts and reasons flying out the door as pheromones came barreling in! The dynamic between the two was interesting and I loved the power dynamics between them. Haden being stunned by the capabilities Percy had and just how he couldn't seem to shake the mortal off. Percy doing things that no normal human should be able to!

For me I felt like the focus of this part of the duet was more about Percy and his healing journey. Yes, we do have romance and the complications of the two MMCs trying to figure out this relationship that happened. But Percy's past and rocky present were first and foremost. I loved Tommy and how he was a real friend to Percy. Being patient with Percy but also stern when situations arose. 

Fae gives us Omegaverse terminology at the beginning of the story. So, if you're unfamiliar with the genre it helps! There's language spread throughout the book. Discrimination against Omegas and abuse. Trauma caused by home environment, mental, and physical abuse by family. Getting to see first person POV of just how intense Percy's dad is (verbal). Depression, anxiety, abuse of Omega suppressants and medication, and more. Violence and a serious sickness.

"Sweet rabbit. So tired from running he ran right into the arms of a wolf." - Haden

We have dual POVs but the main POV being Percy's. Again, this read felt more focused on Percy than Haden and Percy's complicated relationship. There's a very quick burn but then it turns into a slow burn as the two navigate through things. Percy unsure about embracing his Omega side and also not knowing how to be one. We do have MM action! Dom/Sub, hand-necklaces, dark romance aspects, hurt/comfort, cock-warming, and more!

The author mentions this is an HFN ending, Happy for Now. I felt like it was a cliffhanger. Not a crazy one just I want to know how everything will end for the cast! I am ready for the second part of the duet, and I swear if anything happens to Percy, I want to see Tommy charging in! (Because I know he would!) Love Fae's writing and the art she did for her own book!

Enjoy the dark romance with graveyards and devils. And don't forget to give the author some stars! The Devil Takes: MM Omegaverse Hades/Persephone Retelling (The Devil Takes What's Willingly Given Book 1) eBook : Quin, Fae, Quin, Fae: Kindle Store

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Fae is also an artist who does her own book covers and has character art! (SFW and NSFW)

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