Monstrous Bond: A Monster Romance Novella Authors Harper A. Brooks and R. K. Pierce

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I keep finding the biggest losers who are even bigger letdowns in the sack." - Bea

Bea's done with guys who don't hold a candle to her vibrator! She wants to feel that ecstasy and euphoria that will have her melting into the sheets but also have a man in her life who only sees her. A romance that would end all romances, is that too much to ask for?!

Bea throws together a rushed plan of action and hopes it will work, even if it may just be a quick thing, she wants something to help tame her libido! But things go very wrong when the monster she tries to summon isn't the right one and he's very angry when he realizes his situation. . .

This is a fast-paced novella with spice, a little bit of plot, and dark magic not going right! We all struggle to find that person, even trying different types to see if we like them. Only to be disappointed and dejected along with feelings of hopelessness. Bea's tired of it all and with little hints from a friend Bea comes up with the perfect solution! Summon a creature who will help calm her and then send them back home.

I loved the comedy in this quick read and Bea's character. Loved her gothic aesthetic and her rebellious attitude along with her struggles. The dynamic between her and the monster was fantastic and gave me "Beauty and the Beast" vibes. How the two are trying to understand each other and what would be best for the other because things get a little more complicated.

Loved the twist in the story and an unexpected arc, may have been able to predict some things but I still thoroughly enjoyed it! Loved the couple and their internal debates that we got to witness because of the duo POVs! This is a spicy monster romance novella, and the male lead has some fancy equipment, there's size difference, and backdoor play. There was a scene of slight CNC and some rough play but no SA! There's language in the book along with some slight violence.

I really loved the ending to the book, and it is a HEA but if the authors wanted to, they could write some more short novellas featuring the main characters or even side characters! I very much enjoyed this read and laughed at several occasions also feeling some other emotions as the story progressed. Loved it all!

Prepare to read about a very interesting and comical way of summoning a monster into your home! Don't forget to give the authors some stars!

Harper A. Brooks

R.K. Pierce


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