Glimmers in the Night: Book of the Witch's Son 1 Author October K Santerelli

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"The villagers whispered of strange illnesses, dark curses, and bad luck. The only part that really seemed to matter to them was that they were at risk now, without her. They had lost their witch. Jeth had lost everything." - Jeth

Jeth's mom is gone and soon the cottage that was his mother's home and his will no longer be his to claim. People of this world need a witch in every town to help with the mundane things and more. Jeth can't just leave everything behind and so he takes his mother's crystal ball and runs. Hoping the villagers won't retaliate and he will be able to have this one treasure!

Traveling on the road he discovers things about himself and more. Maybe even needing the help of a faerie along the way. Only Fae do nothing for free. . . Jeth just wants a happy future and to be himself, but fate may have other plans in mind for the youth!

"If you run away, you will always be running away. If you run toward something, eventually you will get there." - Gleda

I have been following this author for a little while now and had some time to finally dig into one of his books. I love October's aesthetic and just watching their content. When I got this book, I had that feeling I hadn't felt for a little bit. The feeling of just knowing this is going to be a really good book and you will be hooked until the end! I was not wrong!

We jump right into things within the first page of the story! Unfortunately, Jeth has just lost his mom and it's taking a toll on him. He doesn't have the luxury to mourn her sudden departure and has to move. Grief taking a backseat because he's also afraid that if he faces it, he won't stop the onslaught of emotions! The way of this world is unique and interesting on how witches are distributed and assigned. Jeth not thinking so.

This novella is short, fast paced, and constantly flowing. At fourteen Jeth has to figure out what he wants for his life and move toward it! Praying the one item he took from the witch's cottage won't cause repercussions. The crystal being his mothers to begin with! I enjoyed the adventure and the setting of the scenes. Descriptions that made me smile and feel a little nostalgic. Here:

"The wind howled and knocked the naked tree branches together, rattling them like bones in a basket." (first line of book)

I loved the understanding of magic in this world and faeries. Fantasy reads seem to go fifty-fifty when it comes to the Fae. Either they're true to their natures of being tricksters and beings you do NOT want to cross paths with. Or they are tricky but can also be the heroes or "good guys" of the story. However, with this short read they are beings that people fear and hope to never encounter. And if you do, be very mindful of your words and theirs!

"The thing with faerie deals, Jeth, is that you get what you want but it’s never how you wanted it." - Burne

I did figure out some of the twists that happened in this read. I was right there with Jeth when things clicked into place even if I already had a hunch. I was still intrigued and awed with a couple of the plot points within the book! Loving Jeth's mother even more! We do get to see memories of her through Jeth which I enjoyed because of her attitude and just her in general.

This is a YA novella centered around a fourteen-year-old boy. Jeth being the only POV and it being in third person. Beginnings of a coming-of-age arc that will make you cheer by the end of the book. There's a cliffhanger though! I cannot wait to see how Jeth will turn out by the end of the series, not to mention how his magical capabilities will grow! The only language I found was the word "damn", other than that very clean. There is some violence, mention of death and blood and what fae have done to unfortunate humans. 

I was so engrossed in the writing, the details of magic, and just the scenes and dialogue between Jeth and Aneirin! Jeth basically having to play a game of chess on the fly, one wrong move and checkmate for him! Ugh! I want to read October's other works but have to wait a little bit because of funds. Yes, I know the ebooks aren't that expensive, but my husband may place me on a book buying ban! Ah, the woes of every reader alive with a rational partner.

Do enjoy the very fast paced novella that will have you begging for the next installment! And don't forget to give the author some stars! 


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