Covenant Volume One Author LySandra Voung

Graphic Novel Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!

Set to Release May 14, 2024

"You might be a talented exorcist, but talent doesn't mean shit if you can't remember the most basic rites!" - Sister Samson

Listen! Hot priests with full sleeves or full body tattoos that wield holy weapons. Oh, and many of them represent different flags from the LGBTQ+ community! Add in some cussing and "unholy" acts and well, we have our team.

Providence Church has a bit of a reputation amongst the other churches and it's not a good one. The church has been under suspicion for a while because of the groups' unorthodox methods. The Great Church is pressing in as Ezra and his team are trying to keep peace and save innocents. Ezra's a very skilled and gifted exorcist holding his own during combat. But his faith has been wavering. When given a mission to look out for someone he agrees only to find that this guy, who's the opposite of him in every way, may not be what he seems. 

"I believe in demons, for I have seen them. I believe in angels, for I know them." - Ezra

The artwork gave me vibes of the manga "Solo Leveling". Just the style and the feels within the action scenes. There's a little bit of a slow build but we need that world building to understand the setting! Learning how the different churches conduct their work and exorcisms along with history of demons and how they came about. 

I like how the priests of Providence Church aren't the strictly holy priest who don't delve into temptations. We do meet priests who are very devote and definitely cuddle with the Bible at night. Our group is very unique and interesting bunch. The fight scenes are fantastic, and I like how their uniforms are designed to help them get easy access to their tattoos. I kept thinking of Shura from "Blue Exorcist" and how she pulled her blades from markings on her body. Each exorcist having different weapons and angel patrons, so diverse skill sets that help aide one another.

Ezra believes in the angels and his covenants but his faith in God isn't there. He's struggling and there are hints of a dark past we will undoubtedly learn more about in later volumes. Ezra gets assigned a mission to find and protect a man. He did not expect to find Sunny so quickly and in his own college class!

I love that Sunny is the complete opposite of his name and of Ezra! He's a grumpy, goth, introvert who would rather avoid the sunshiny, golden retriever, but for some reason their paths keep crossing or lining up. Sunny's hiding something and doesn't want Ezra getting too close. The banter between them is funny and I feel like we will have a romance. It won't be the sole focus of the series or at least it's going to be a rather slow burn because the two really don't officially meet until the last quarter of the read.

This manga does have language, violence, and bloodshed. We get glimpses and hints at dark pasts for both MCs. Death is present in this read. We have a scene to understand how the tattoos are done and it isn't by a tattoo gun. Traditional tattoo styling. 

I have to say my favorite character is Samson! Keeping Ezra in line while also having his back. I loved her attitude and just how she handled situations. Helping to also create great banter and comedy for the read when she's around Ezra. Pretty sure Samson just became another one of my book girlfriends! The main POV is Ezra's, but we do get a little of Sunny's POV. There's a cliffhanger and I am ready for the next volume!

Do enjoy the graphic novel with amazing fight scenes and unorthodox priests! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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