Bite Me! (You Know I Like It): Spooky Boys Book 1 Author Fae Quin

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5 out of 5 stars!

"This was the path I had chosen. Not the one that had been given to me." - Blair

Blair's running toward freedom and away from a spider's web. Finding papers that sealed his new future he didn't look back. . . Only when he arrives in the small town of Elmwood something seems off. Maybe it's just the fact he's a newcomer in a tight knit community? Whatever, he refuses to leave this town until his business is accomplished! He has a goal and a future in mind. Can Blair fully be free from his past chains? Will he find what he's looking for?

Richard's growing bored of the mundane hamster wheel he's been placed into. But when a certain newcomer stumbles into town Richard has a new mission. The Council has given him the task of keeping an eye on Blair. Can Richard keep things professional? There's just something about the five-foot-vegan-gothic-fireball that has Richard wanting to break out of his tight-laced shell. And why are his fangs throbbing?

"He made a mark wherever he went. This. . .blankness was just wrong." - Richard

Ugh! So, this book. . . This book was everything I ever wanted with a vampire romance! This. . .this was the "Twilight" book I wanted and had wished for. (Sorry not a fan of the sparkly vampires.) Now? I have a whole series I can and will gladly be sinking my teeth into! After I completed this read, I was shaking down to my core because I was so overwhelmed with feelings. This read. . .I want to honestly hug the author!

I could relate to Blair on so many levels! Blair's home life was straight up toxic and unfortunately physically abusive. This read is a little darker and shows the side of being abused for so long that you flinch away from touch. You don't believe what others tell you and you're always expecting the other shoe to drop. It broke me inside because I know about the mental abuse and the healing process involved. The healing being a journey that may take a long while, but worth it.

I wanted to hug Blair and watch cartoons with him! Or watch real vampire movies and maybe joke about the sparkly vampires while watching the movie and laughing. I loved the detail of things and how you get to view the side of realizing not everyone is like that person or persons who caused the abuse. Finding someone or a group of people you can lower your walls around and breath. Being vulnerable and willingly surrendering to a special individual. As Blair said, "There's power in surrendering".

Blair's obsessed with all things goth or relating to vampires. He uses more colorful language in the book, and I love it! Sorry, but when I watch or read a well-done thing about vampires, I feel a sense of home. Anne Rice helped to solidify my love of vampires and now Fae Quin just made sure I understood vampires are my thing now and forever! 

Richard was great and I loved seeing his walls begin to lower with Blair. I loved the dynamic between Richard and a certain brother of his. One that I want a book about when his brother's an adult! Richard has had to grow up way too fast and it shows. Not being able to fully be a kid and having to balance everything on those smexy broad shoulders. He's learning that he doesn't always have to be the rock everyone leans on.

This book was focused more on the healing aspects of things. Allowing people in and allowing yourself to open up. Placing down roots and finding that family you always wanted. I loved the cast in this book and the dynamics of all of them. I will say, the scenes leading up to the climax, the climax, and after had me in a chokehold! I was nervous approaching the end of this thick read but the ending and the pacing was perfect! And the twists. . .my mind was blown. I had some figured out but not all the intricacies. 

This book is a darker read. Past laced with abuse both mentally and physically. Homophobia, suffocating religious beliefs, violence and some gore along with language. There are a couple of hilarious miscommunications I loved and was just shaking my head at. I also liked this one scene with Blair exclaiming finally to something another character said. Duo POVs so we can see what the two grumps are truly thinking about.

The MM action is a slow build up to, miscommunications and other things, but you get all the tension! I loved the scene when it did happen along with the mini teases. It was all well written, and I liked the intimacy of the scenes. Praise, checking in, verbal communications, and aftercare. Not to mention my absolute favorite thing with a vampire romance. . .biting. A little bit of blood play because how can you not have a vampire romance without some? Just sacrilegious.

I want to gush about this book so much! I will be getting a physical copy of this beautiful book when I am able. I cannot wait for more books within the series. The book does have a HAE but the little preview teaser for book two indicates this couple will be present in the next book. So, for a better reading experience, read them in order!

Enjoy the vampire romance with the trope of grump/grump and a vampire obsessed vegan goth! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Indie Author Creative and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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