HONEYBLOODS :(A Sapphic Vamp Romance) HONEYBLOODS #1 Author I.S. Belle

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"A hairpin pricking their fingers. A pinkie promise: To death and beyond, I vow to thee. Kill or die or bury a body."

Sadie Greer had the world in her hands and an exciting future to look forward to but all of that changed when her best friend turned popular. Leaving her nerdiness in the dust and turning into the Queen Bee of their school. Washed out and tired of life Sadie doesn't wish for anything more ensuring to keep her distance from anyone and everyone.

She may have gotten away with it to if it hadn't been for Honey showing up randomly at her doorstep asking if Sadie would help to bury a body?! Not only does Honey call upon the ancient blood vow but the girls are about to embark on a "murder road trip"! Honey's a newly turned vamp and she wants to make those who turned her pay, an indie band that she will track across the states to stop! Can Sadie get through this ordeal without thinking about or bringing up the past? 

Okay, okay! Soooo if the dedication doesn't draw you into the book, then here's the FIRST line:

"Honey Williams woke up dead."

This book is definitely "Twilight" meets "Jennifer's Body" but sprinkle in the sapphic romance and angst! What drew me in the most with this novella is just the sheer comedy of the girls' banter with one another!

Sadie is the outcast and loner of her high school and she's okay with that. While Queen Bee Honey Williams, what a mouth full, is shining in the spotlight and living it up. Only I like how they both realize just how valuable true friends are as they are forced into a close proximity situation. Honey understanding quickly that her so called "party friends" wouldn't be down to hide a body.

“We could just cut you,” Honey suggested. “And then, like, drip it into a sippy cup.”

I laughed so hard with Honey and how she was finding all sorts of new developments with being a vamp. She's a little self-taught and stumbling along the way. There's the comical aspect to vampires in this read but also a very dark and deadly side. With my vamps I like a balance of both, and this is the "Twilight" I wish I had/needed!

We get dual POVs but in third person. I love the author's style and I can tell she's growing with each new work that's released. The third person POV flows so well and it's easy to read and understand. I liked being able to really see how the girls reacted to things and situations. Be mindful of the trigger warnings. This is a horror YA and there are gory scenes ones including blood drinking and violence. Also, some casualness with drinking and feeding. 

The book does contain language, underage drinking by American standards (girls are seventeen), and blood. There was a scene involving a car accident with an animal. Baby vampire understanding what it means to be a vampire and trying and blend in/"live".

Second chance at friendship and understanding some of the feelings that were never addressed in the past. This is a YA so handholding and kissing is it. I love the girls' dynamic, and I really cannot wait for the next installment with this series! The author also did something in the book that had me grinning because of how it was written. But it's toward the end of the book and I don't want to give anything away! There's also a couple of easter eggs hidden within this book that relate to previous series the author has written!

Grab some snacks and enjoy the "murder road trip"! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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