Wicked Crown: The Wicked Book 1 Author Luna Joya

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5 out of 5 stars!

"Goblins and gold went together like supermodels and stilettos." - Vori

Vori loves both gold and stilettos and wants nothing more than to remain within a world that thrives on the items. She's a well-known supermodel with a career, family, and fans who adore her. She has it all, but the clock won't stop ticking down the minutes until her birthday. Vori made blood vows to a very powerful witch, and she cannot break them no matter what loophole she tries to find. One of the vows is that she must return to her home. . .the Goblin Realm. To enter Vori needs a "husband", or she will be instantly tied to someone per rules of the realm.

Perry thought his life was coming to an end when suddenly Vori appears in it again. He ghosted her once and he will not make that mistake again! Only things get a little complicated when he's told the reason behind why she needs him. His beauty has a secret, one involving green skin and razor-sharp teeth, can he overlook such things? Will Vori be able to pull off what she needs to without getting roped back into her "destiny"? Why's life so complicated?

"She undid him and all his tight-laced overthinking." - Perry

Vori's past has helped to define how she views a part of herself. Wishing to lock away the "ugliness" and pretend her goblin side doesn't exist, wanting to only be in her human form. Having witnessed first-hand what happens when someone loses control. Vori wants nothing to do with her home realm or the fact she is of royal blood. She wishes to remain close to her adoptive family and her career.

Perry's facing the consequences of his poor decisions hoping the ones inflicting his punishment will get bored with him. Praying for a merciful death is the best option he's got. Perry's a male witch but unlike the typical male witches there's something special about him. Only Perry sees it as a curse rather than a gift. . . When a second chance is given and possibly an opportunity to redeem himself Perry takes it. But having been a lawyer Perry's guard remains up as he tries to understand what's fully being asked of him.

Both main characters are broken in some way and trying to do better by their future. Sometimes to have a greater future you must first face your past. Neither want to do this and Vori prides herself in forgetting what happened. The two find themselves pressed against a rock and a hard place, not getting the option to run. Vori and Perry must make a choice!

"Are you flirting?" - Vori

"If you have to ask, I need to work on my technique." - Perry

I really enjoyed the phenomenal banter between the two! Vori hasn't forgotten the man who just vanished on her two years ago and Perry wishes he had never done such a thing. But things arise between them that only creates more of a divide causing Perry to hesitate about joining Vori on her quest. "Beauty and the Beast" analogy is brought up a lot in the book and I really loved the twist involving it. 

I liked how I wasn't able to predict things with this read and kept guessing what was going to happen. I had some theories and was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. So many intricacies in the background occurring along with the two MCs trying to understand one another. I appreciated that it wasn't a simple second chance romance and the MCs struggled to get back together. Trying to decipher what was real and what was being done to help sell their fake marriage.

Alexei has to be my favorite character! His sister helped to add comic relief to the story, and I chuckled a lot with her dialogue. Alexei's very much about family and loyalty no matter what. He didn't hesitate to accept Vori whether she was in human form or not. Love his attitude and personality and want more of him!

This book does have some interesting takes on fairytales and mythical beings. There's language in the book along with gore, violence, and bloodshed. Hints of what happened to an MC as they were experimented on and worse. Feelings of anxiety and grief are depicted in the read along with feelings of guilt. I enjoyed the fast-paced action of the book and how it didn't slow down at all!

We do have a slow burn romance and the guy falls first. I was happy to have the duo POVs to understand a bit of what was going on behind the MCs' walls. The POVs are in third person which was an interesting take. There's passionate kissing in this book along with MF action! Perry's a very intimate lover and I really loved the scene near the hot spring!

Cannot wait for more with this series! The book does end on an HEA but we may get to see this couple again in the books to come! I really want to get to book three because Alexei's staring in it! Still interested to see what is within the pages of book two.

Enjoy the read with a unique take on the goblin queen and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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