The Yakuza's Bias Vol. 1 Author/Artist Teki Yatsuda

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Set to release 5/16/2023!

"Forgive me, Boss. . .I, Ken Kanashiro, second-in-command of the Washio Clan. . .have found something worth putting all my honor and humanity on the line for." - Ken

Ken gets semi brainwashed to go to a K-pop concert with his Boss' only daughter, Megumi. Only when our tough, proud, scary looking, and feared Yakuza man goes to the event he is blown away. Having done some previous studying up on the group Ken already started forming a bias but when he's at the concert in person things are solidified!

A new stan is born! Ken completely turning his life around and finding new avenues to venture down. His loyalty is unmatched, and he will make his new aniki proud. The mafia world is about to get shaken up by the male K-pop group, My Night With, who don't realize that some of their biggest fans are actually from the mafia world! Bonds are being formed and enemies are possibly turning into friends?!

"I don't know if he's a gangster or an influencer anymore." - Reiji

I was laughing so hard as I read this manga! It was exactly the comedy I needed in my life! The artwork is beautiful and very well done. I enjoyed how panels and line work helped to empathize the scene or emotions of the characters.

Ken gets roped into taking Megumi to a K-pop concert, only the slightly terrifying daughter of the President isn't going to allow Ken to go in blind. Educating is needed before they go to a concert that will change Ken's life forever! I was laughing so much with the first chapter and the panels. Ken is extremely loyal, and his oaths and bonds are unrivaled. Once you are his soldier or his brother that's it!

I loved watching Ken turn into a superfan and fall down the rabbit hole! Not realizing just how much is out there until Megumi continues to show him the ways. Making a social media account to follow the group, trading and purchasing merchandise, and being an utter fan. Just the intensity of Ken and his devotion just helps to increase the comedy of this work! The interactions with other members of the clan and other groups were the best. My Night With really has no idea how much of an impact they are making on the underworld.

This is a comedy manga and if you are a fan of "Ways of the Househusband" you will love this read. However, we are dealing with the mafia world so there is mention of darker businesses and things characters have had to deal with. The author keeps things light and sensors out anything gruesome. There is a scene with slight violence and someone wielding a weapon. I couldn't find hardly any language and there's no fanservice or nudity.

I am very much ready for the next installment since we do get a bit of a cliffhanger. I just want to see how much My Night With is going to corrupt the mafia world! Some characters and dynamics I hope to see more of. 

Enjoy this manga as you laugh out loud and fan out with Ken! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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