The Embers Die: Vlenoa's Witches Author Daisy Shell

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4 out of 5 stars!

"I, Mabel, must be the stupidest witch around for trusting a human of all creatures." - Mabel

What do you do when your lover betrays you? When the village and the people you called home want you dead? When you're viewed as evil for being a witch? The same witch who was sought out by many for your abilities. You make a deal with a demon of course!

Mabel doesn't want to die to the hands of these mortals, instead she seeks revenge. A fire burning in her belly, but she needs help. Trarzid sought her out and has a task he needs her to perform for him, but once that's done, she will get what she desires. With or without the demon's help. Hasn't anyone learned yet? You do not tick off a witch or a being with supernatural abilities!

"You really are too trusting, little Bell." - Trarzid

I was very excited when I read the synopsis for the book and mention of a demon. Demons will always have a special place in my heart, probably because I call myself a Chaos Demon. . . I liked the difference of this book compared to the alien romance I had previously read by Daisy.

Mabel's thriving when things turn south with the arrival of something new in the kingdom, she lives in. Betrayal cuts her to the core when someone blatantly states her "lover" did this to her. Sealing her want for revenge. I loved how strong Mabel was and a very independent woman. Surprising even Trarzid on multiple occasions.

Could also relate to how Mabel gets so consumed with a task or her work she forgets about the little things. You know. . .eating, drinking, sleeping. It's hard to remember the minor things when you're focused and enjoying something so much you just don't want to break the trance! 

I really loved the scene of how the two met and how Trarzid was in his snake form. Enjoyed it and I would have picked the snake instantly over anything else. The dynamics between the two leads was fantastic and I enjoyed their banter. Loved the duo POVs and being able to see how they really felt about one another. The guy falls first in this book!

Trarzid gave off some "Black Butler" vibes when I read through his description. I also was really excited and tickled by the fact he's shorter than Mabel! Loved how the height difference was included within scenes and how Mabel could care less about him being slightly shorter than her. He's very much a new book boyfriend that's being added to the never-ending list. Don't send help, I'm thriving here with my list.

There's some grittiness to the book and the things that Mabel went through before Trarzid came to her. Things are mentioned and you understand what's happening, but nothing is gorily detailed out. Violence is present in the book along with mention of blood. We have some fighting in the book and what happens when fire magic is used. I found the twists with magic interesting and just how anyone would make a magic wielder an enemy is beyond me. Very much enjoyed the map provided at the beginning of the book!

Language is in the book along with all the spicy tension and hesitation. We get MF action, and I loved the final MF action scene of the book and the entirety of the scene. I don't want to give anything away, but it was so good! I also really loved the entire cast of the book and Trarzid's knights that he deemed more trouble than they were worth.

"They are a bunch of idiots that have a death wish." - Trarzid

This book does end on a happily ever after for the main couple. There's going to be more books in the series, and they will be standalones. But I imagine like Daisy's previous series the couples from previous books will be featured throughout. For me there were some unanswered questions and plots that I would like answers to. Maybe in the books to come Daisy has some ideas and tie ups. I still enjoyed the read and cannot wait for more within this series. Hoping for more demons. . .

Enjoy the read with a witch scorned and eager for revenge! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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