Find the Jinn: Wilde Contracts #1 Author Maz Maddox

Audiobook Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Narrated by Kirt Graves!

"I have a vampire servant." - Dallas

"Body. Guard." - Zane

Dallas Wilde is a professional contract killer and fish trainer who would also sell his own grandmother for cash. But one contract job ends up turning into a giant headache with baggage in the form of a grumpy Thrall! A little bit of an oops has Dallas suffering some consequences he should have known better about and avoided.

But maybe having a Thrall isn't so bad as Dallas ventures forth on his next contract, he can't sit around and not make money. Especially when his landlord is sweet enough in reminding him his rent is very late. Only as Dallas and the Thrall follow the trail of clues in search of a Jinn, they find more and more shady business dealings. Necromancy and more intricacies into the profession and craft are surfacing. Dallas just wanted a simple big pay out, but this contract is proving difficult.

"I've never been in a harem to a goddess before. Does she know I'm very gay?" - Dallas

"Every time you speak, I get a migraine." - Zane

This audiobook had me laughing out loud! Of course, at work it gets a little complicated when people look at you a little curiously. I love that a reading buddy of mine introduced me to this audiobook and this author! Dallas is a new favorite of mine and Kirt helped to really bring his character to life. Along with the other cast of the book! The banter in this read was just phenomenal and I wish I could quote all of Dallas' lines. I just love him so much! I thoroughly enjoyed this author's writing style!

Dallas has been cruising through his life as a contract killer and fish trainer, yes, they really exist and it's a rather fascinating thing! Trying to make as much money as he can and avoid his past trauma and feelings. Only everything comes to a halt when his last contract didn't end with a simple clean slate. Dallas finds out just what happens when you don't properly go through all the steps of properly killing a Necromancer, mind you he is a professional. . .

Dallas HATES vampires and now he has one attached to him. Dallas of course looking on the bright side and instantly thinking "manservant"! The Thrall (Zane) NOT being happy with the word choice or meaning. The two don't get along and their banter made me laugh out loud so many times. Enemies for sure that have to put up with one another and are tied together. Neither being able to severe the connection. I also don't think Dallas wants to cut their unlikely bond though you could form a drinking game with how many times he threatens to stab Zane!

On top of everything Dallas discovers he has some gnarly new powers. He doesn't want them at all just like he doesn't want to admit to his feelings toward a certain client. Dallas would rather lock everything away and mosey through life and contracts. Also, maybe getting his rent paid on time. . .

I loved the mystery in this book and the search for the Jinn. Discovering new clues along with making some head way with relationships. Dallas also digging into the underbelly of businessmen and the ugly dealings they try to hide. Paranormal crime solving with a lot of humor. Dallas is our only POV, and I fell in love with him and his internal monologue! I also love the take on vampires and how they come about and behave.

Read the TWs at the beginning of the book! Even though this book has a lot of comedy in it we deal with some heavy materials. There's language throughout the book, violence, bloodshed, and gore. Necromancy and magic relating to it is a main subject of the book. Descriptions of things and how Necromancers wield their powers. I loved the details and all the intricacies of it all! There's a vampire so expect blood receiving/taking. Usage of drugs and other recreational things.

Dallas has a high libido and isn't into relationships. You can tell something is forming along with high sexual tensions and physical responses to situations. I've heard rumors regarding a love triangle trope with this series, usually I don't go for the love triangle trope but with this book I absolutely LOVE all aspects of it. So even if it does turn out to be a love triangle I still want to continue. We do get MM action and some scenes with voyeurism and public events. Also, Dallas is a switch!

Barnaby is a favorite character of mine and I want to attend one of his lectures! Maybe help around his store and be swept up in his knowledge of some unique art. The main contract arc for this book ends with a HEA in a way, but you can tell there's a larger picture being formed. Some questions and loose ends that still need to be tied up and I am very ready for the next book! I have some theories about some possible future situations.

Enjoy this book in whatever form you prefer! Don't forget to give the author some stars! Find the Jinn: Wilde Contracts Series, Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): Maz Maddox, Kirt Graves, Tantor Audio: Audible Books & Originals

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