A Gift of Christmas Song Author Laura D'Ambrosio

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"At the Johnsons', all was not calm and bright. It was tense."

Sam's announced he will no longer be in the choir! And will NOT be singing in the Christmas Eve Concert. He cannot do it and his parents just don't understand him. Needing some distance, Sam finds himself in the yard of Marie the old woman who lives across the street. 

Marie's ready to face another Christmas alone even if it's in the dark because of the snowstorm cutting power off. Not wanting to sing anymore after losing her love and walking away from the spotlights. Until a twelve-year-old boy nearly scares her socks off! The two are about to have a conversation that may just be the answer to both their problems.

"Not the old witch you expected, am I?" - Marie

Sam's fallen into the pit falls of wanting to fit in and be accepted. Experiencing some peer pressure and slight bullying that has placed him at a crossroad. Does he continue singing something that literally speaks to his soul? Or does he go down the path of acceptance paved by his "friends"? 

We all want to be accepted and have a group to call our own. Even in adulthood we have struggles, until we realize that we need to do things that make US happy. Regardless of what others may think. If it makes you happy and brings fuzzy warm feelings to you? Take it and hold onto it. Sam's learning this lesson at an early age, so we have a short coming of age moment in this read.

Marie's passions have flickered down to a small spark. After losing her partner, Sofie, Marie's become a shell of the person she once was. Closing off a part of her soul that screams to be released, but Marie doesn't see why she should open that part back up. Until she finds a young boy struggling with a decision that could alter his future. Marie can also see the talent within him and wishes for that light to not get snuffed out!

This was a very sweet and short novella! So many emotions were tied into a short read, and I was surprised by how many I felt! It's a very clean read, no language or heavy materials. There was mention of grief and emotions that tie in with that, but ultimately a lighthearted read! I enjoyed the take on music and the understanding of it. The power it can hold over us all and the unspoken words that can be translated through song!

The book starts with duo POVs being in third person but then merges when our two main characters are together at the same time. I loved the flow of the read and the ending that could branch off into more if the author wanted to. The ending was still very good, and I loved this sweet Christmas read!

Enjoy this beautifully written, clean, small town Christmas story and don't forget to give the author some stars!


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