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4 out of 5 stars!

"Behind those doors were secrets, the blueprint to human survival, violence and cruelty in its pure form." - Natalie

Natalie became a siren hunter in hopes to avenge her mum in some small way. Wanting to continue the research and legacy her mother left behind, but bitterness resides in Natalie's heart. Until she comes face to face with the beasts who murdered her mother. Things are placed into perspective for her, and questions begin popping up. Is she doing the right thing? Would the treatment of the sirens be something her mother would be proud of? 

Oliver refuses to remain a prisoner and will get out no matter what. His plan is to seduce the human who seems curious about him. Only things get more personal as he battles odd feelings stirring up within him. Natalie and Oliver have to face trials and uncertainties along with desires. Both trying to understand the human verses siren aspects of things but can the two really be friends let alone lovers? Humans and sirens don't mix, right?!

"Perhaps, this was a game of cat and mouse, and both of them were the cat." - Oliver

I was drawn in by the premise of the story but stayed because of the banter between the main characters! I loved the descriptions of the sirens and the science behind some of their traits. This may be a spoiler, but I really appreciated the breakdown of the siren song! Details to things and the intricacies on how things work was perfect. Along with understanding differences on how humans did things and how sirens did things.

Natalie lost her mum to sirens and has held onto a hatred towards the sirens after learning of the truth. Joining the crew who helped her mother with her research, Natalie sets out to find an actual siren. Humans and sirens being kept separate from one another and the knowledge of sirens existence a well-kept secret from the public. Only when the crew capture a siren Natalie's world begins to turn on its head.

Oliver isn't happy about being caught and wants nothing more than to get out. The humans being ignorant of what sirens need to live isn't helping anything. He will die from the horrid living conditions long before the "experiments" end. . . He has to get out of the place immediately, a plan forms when Natalie seems to keep coming closer to him. Having more curiosity than fear Oliver latches onto that for everything it's worth.

I really enjoyed how Natalie understood that the sirens were dangerous, but she wanted to truly learn about them. Understand what they did and how they lived their day to day lives. But others may have different ideas on how they want to approach their studies. . . There's mystery in this book along with high-risk situations and a need for urgency. I also love how the two MCs know that the other is playing them, but they still continue.

With this read we get to see the beauty of sirens but also the dangerous aspect of the high scale predators. There's bloodshed with this read and an understanding of how drowning feels. Violence along with language and scenes of torture. Nothing too over the top or gut wrenching, implications of some things that were done. Feelings of grief, nightmares, some prejudices on both siren and human sides, and some anxiety. I enjoyed some of the twists that took place in this read.

We get dual POVs in third person and I loved seeing how they really viewed the other. We get strangers to lovers to enemies to lovers with some slight bullying. Miscommunications and everything that goes along with that. The romance is a SLOW burn, and this may be a spoiler, but we don't get a full-on MF action scene. Teasing and some intense yummy moments but nothing full on and detailed out. I still liked their relationship and if you sign up for the author's newsletter you get an interesting bonus scene! 

I felt like with a couple of the arcs that were wrapped up it was tied up pretty abruptly, this is just my personal opinion. We do get an HEA with this couple, but I feel like the author could create more stories with some of the side characters within this world! Interested in seeing what more works the author comes up with!

Enjoy the read with a siren trying to seduce a strong-willed human and don't forget to give the author some stars! Deadly Seduction: A Siren Shifter Dark Romance eBook : Amador, Iris: Kindle Store

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