Shameless: The Undeniable Book 1 Author Lola Malone

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I declare hunting season open after graduation. And I will be coming for you." - Austin

Connor made one, big mistake close to the end of college graduation, why had he been so stupid?! Luckily for him the last semester is almost over, and he can high tail it back to his home in Manhattan and AWAY from Austin Carrington. Austin will surely forget about everything and move on, right. . ?

Everything comes to a horrible halt for Connor when college crush/nemesis becomes his business partner! His brother stating that it would be beneficial for both mafia families in solving a mutual problem. That and to keep his lovely wife happy who may or may not have come up with the idea. . . Connor wants nothing to do with Austin or the Void, but he cannot argue with his brother who's the head of the Business. He just has to get through one mission with Austin and then he can be free of him forever. Hopefully. . .

"I think I might just hang on to that wild card a bit longer." - Austin

Austin was the guy in college, athletic, handsome, and liked to pick fights. . . A jock through and through who somehow attracted the attention of a very shy nerd. Their lives soon becoming intertwined when Austin decides to blackmail Connor for a brief time. He never would have expected to see Connor again outside of college until the shy man practically lands in his lap. Austin snatches up the opportunity instantly and decides to insert himself into Connor's life again!

I really loved the chemistry between the two characters and how they struggled with feelings and or naming said feelings. Both enjoying and believing the other was playing a game per usual or thinking they had the other's character pegged. The two have to work together to figure out who's targeting their families and why? Mention of a sex cult and some of the things the cult does to its own people or high-end clienteles.

The two are falling down a rabbit hole of things they weren't fully prepared for. Right down to emotions they didn't think they were capable of. Connor still being weary about letting his family know or find out he's gay and Austin trying to wrap his head around the fact he's calling Connor his. The banter between the two is fantastic and I loved how neither backed down from the other. Even our shy, geeky guy has a sharp tongue on him!

I really appreciated the slow moments between Connor and Austin when they allowed their walls to come down just a little. Getting to see that the other doesn't fully follow the stereotype of Jock or Nerd. Both surprising the other in many ways and situations. Oh, the twists and turns were phenomenal!

This book does deal with mafia families and some of the things they have to deal with. Equaling a dark read with violence, selling/handling of drugs, and bloodshed. There's a sex cult that has some interesting activities and ideals they follow. Hypnotism is something that is used within the cult, and we have a very well written and eerie chapter involving one. There's an understanding of what it's like within the cult life. I really enjoyed the psychology behind the cult and some of the things they believed in. Language is prominent in this read and some feelings of anxiety.

With the two MMCs we get dual POVs to really understand what's behind their walls. MM action is present in the book and the scenes will not disappoint! With the cult there's a scene with a public viewing of some activities. Voyeurism is seen in a couple of situations along with possessiveness and touch him and die vibes! Also, the pet name's Austin has for Connor are yummy! The couple does get an HEA but there's an overarching plotline that won't be wrapped up in this read. 

Enjoy the dark mafia romance with enemies to lovers and forced proximity! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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