The Fang and the Flower Author J.J. Wright

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Little flower, I am the glowing eyes." - Julian

Chryssy has had to deal with going from the top of the food chain to the bottom. High school is rough but it's even worse when you are "that" girl, and you could potentially remain known for that even after graduation. . . No one believed her when she stated there was a pair of glowing eyes following her. Calling her crazy and worse since teenagers can be cruel.

But when the bad boy of the town announces that he is behind the glowing eyes Chryssy's world spins on its axel. He can even prove it and may have shown her a bit more that she wasn't prepared for. Julian's not human and has declared that she is his mate!? Graduating and going to college was in the list of things to do, NOT becoming a mate to a White Saber Tooth Weretiger! Julian needs her but first he has to show Chryssy that he is serious about her. Enemies to Lovers anyone?

"It just figures that my first date wouldn't be with a normal boy." - Chryssy

Chryssy's high school life hasn't been going the way she had hoped it would. She used to be in the "it" crowd surrounded by many people, but it all vanished when she was seen as insane. You don't know who your friends really are until they have seen you at your lowest and stood by you no matter what. Chryssy is learning that lesson, just maybe a little slowly. . .

Julian has a reputation around school and is the dreamy bad boy all the girls pine over! Chryssy has avoided him like the plague not realizing that the mutual avoidance was part of a plan. She soon finds herself in the middle of a supernatural encounter and a storyline that should be in a book of fiction, not her life! Julian and Chryssy don't see eye to eye on several things and I am glad that Chryssy didn't just instantly fall into Julian's arms.

Some past circumstances have caused Chryssy to place up walls and unlike majority of readers who wish for an MC to say they are mates, Chryssy is the opposite. She doesn't like the fact that they are mates and wonders if Julian is being sincere or if it is all for the "mate bond". I enjoyed the fresh take on things that Chryssy had right down to the instance when she saw Julian's shifted form. She's unsure about all of this and doesn't know how much she can actually believe or trust.

Julian is soon realizing just how different Chryssy is to everyone he is used to. There are human verse non-human barriers that he didn't take into consideration. Both of the MCs are having to learn and understand one another since things are different for them. Julian's on a time limit as well because his form is a rarity and usually comes with a catch. His reason for being born is weighing on him as bad forces press in, but he cannot return home without his mate!

I really enjoyed how this book was fast paced right from the start and didn't slow down until the final page. The tension between the two is hilarious and I really loved the banter between them!

"You have your nighttime routine of looking out your window. I have my morning routine of looking into your window." - Julian

The two are definitely enemies but Julian is trying to change that to lovers. Slow build between them and you will be frustrated at multiple points within this read! This is a YA so the most that happens is passionate kissing, but there are innuendos and wants for something more. Both of the leading characters are eighteen and ready to become adults. There's mention of past relationships and sex being something that was done. 

Kelsi is one of my favorite characters in this book! Supportive best friend who will always have your back no matter what. She proved herself time and time again to Chryssy and if anything happens to Kelsi I will cry! She helps to give gentle nudges to her bestie and is there when Chryssy needs her the most, ready to do whatever needs to be done. I am pretty sure she would even help to bury a body and not ask any questions about it.

This book didn't contain any language or if there is it's mild, and the words are far and few between. I really love Chryssy and how she doesn't just automatically accept things with Julian. Needing apologies, explanations, and understandings. Julian also knows he's morally grey and states to Chryssy he never declared himself a saint some of his choices being interesting ones. He's very much "touch her and die" vibes and his shifted form can back that up! Fighting is present in the book along with some gore and blood. 

We only get Chryssy's POV in this read and I really liked following her around. There's a scene where we kind of get a POV from Julian and I absolutely loved it! Enjoyed the twists in this book and the fresh take on things. We do end on a cliffhanger, but it is a gentler one you just know and understand that there's more to come. I have some questions I would like answers to and honestly, I just want more of this cast!

Do enjoy this supernatural YA that is fast paced but has a slow burn romance with all the swoon worthy courtship! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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