Burning Shadows: A Tale of Odriel's Heirs Book 1.5 Author Hayley Reese Chow

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this novella is in between books one and two of the series! The books go in order and so potential spoilers ahead!







"It could've been the tranquility of peace, if the taste of ash didn't thicken the morning breeze." - Kaia

After the great battle that has left The Lost scattered, Kaia and Klaus have been tracking them down. Both Heirs wanting to ensure the realm is safe and free from the undead! Their journey leading them to the West where they find evidence of things, they weren't prepared for. . .

The Lost aren't the only beings that can be dangerous and deadly. Kaia will have to face hard decisions and grow up a little more. Realizing that things aren't always black and white, she will have to make choices that may toe the line of morally correct.

"We're all monsters on the battlefield." - Madoc

I really loved the refresher at the beginning of the book! Listing characters and brief descriptions of what they went through in book one. We also get spoiled with a map at the start of the novella as well as a list of words specific to this world!

Kaia's still trying to get used to her new status, no one looking at her like she's a monster. Instead, seeing her as someone to respect and stand beside when situations get tough. She's also getting used to Klaus again and being a couple with him! But she's struggling with determining what's the right course of action when it comes to her Dragon's Fire. 

She has rules and morals surrounding her abilities but when faced with deadlier foes what's the correct choice? I love that we are still experiencing her coming of age arc and I really want to see who she will become by the end of the series!

Klaus is still his carefree slightly cocky self and runs into an old "friend" who has no problem telling Kaia all the fine details of their history together. Klaus trying his best to not let the stories come to light! Klaus as we know isn't the smartest when it comes to his actions and it's even more prominent when he was younger. . . 

I loved the dynamic between the two leads and how they are playful with one another. The humor in this short read was fantastic! My favorite character introduced in this book would have to be Madoc! I was chuckling so much and enjoying his personality. I also appreciated the challenges he presented to the Heirs and little drops of wisdom he gifted.

The enemy of the book is an interesting and extremely brutal/bloodthirsty one. They do believe in cannibalism and our FMC sees an example of it. The scene is very brief, and nothing detailed out, but some may be a little squeamish about the idea of it all. There are fight scenes, bloodshed, and violence in the book along with some slight gore. The main FMC uses fire magic and so there are some depictions of her power and the aftermath.

This is a YA series and the most that happens between the love interests is passionate kissing! The only POV we have is Kaia's and it is in third person, so we get to see a larger scope of things surrounding her. I also didn't pick up on any language and if there is then it's mild! The book does leave off on a little bit of a cliffhanger so as to entice you to continue reading the series!

I cannot wait to read more and see what comes about in book two! Do enjoy the YA fantasy with romance and coming of age arcs. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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Amazon.com: Odriel's Heirs eBook : Chow, Hayley Reese, Kole, Mica: Kindle Store

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