The Family Game: A Novel Author Catherine Steadman

Audiobook Review!

Narrated by Catherine Steadman (the author!)

5 out of 5 stars!

"A game is only a game if you do not fully understand it."

The holidays always bring about mixed feelings and emotions but tack on finally meeting your fianc├ęs family and things get really worrisome! Harriet Reed, Harry, has left behind her home in England for that of her future husband's home in America. A whirlwind romance that has left everyone asking how, including Harry herself! She's just a lower-class orphan from England and yet she's caught the eye of a billionaire play-boy.

Harry's excited to meet her new family, along with the usual jitters of "will the family like her?", but she won't let that stop her. Yet, Edward seems rather hesitant about unleashing his very powerful and influential family, who like to play games, on Harry. He doesn't want to drive her away, there are truths being hidden and cautions that seem a little extreme. Edward doesn't know that Harry's hiding a secret of her own. . .

The Rules

1. Listen Carefully

2. Do Your Research

3. Trust No One

4. Run for Your Life

The prologue really piqued my interest as I dived into this audiobook! I am falling more in love with psychological thrillers and books with suspense. You know a scene from the present, but you need to understand the events leading up to the scene! 

We've all had to deal with the dreaded event of meeting the parents/family! Not knowing if they will like you or not, hoping they don't tell the one you're interested in, to breakup with you, etc. But Harry has to handle a lot more since her love is from a wealthy family and she's beneath their status. The more she gets to know the individuals of the family the more she's drawn in. Wondering why Edward hadn't introduced her sooner to them.

Things begin to change as Harry attends American holiday traditions and some from the old country the Holbeck's have originated from. A tape is also placed into Harry's hands and a deadly game begins for her. She will soon be facing pasts and presents to determine how her future will look. The thriller writer may have unlocked her passion so she can write her next book, but how close to home will this narrative hit?

I loved the twists in this book and how I had some theories, but they were wrong! And looking back after completing the read I was exclaiming how I couldn't believe I had missed some clues! I was very happy that I couldn't fully predict the end or how the game would play out. I loved the hidden secrets and how things just unraveled. I loved Harry's character and being able to glimpse inside a thriller author's mind! How she used it to help aide her through the game she was playing.

With the Holbeck's you could tell they were very rich and privileged. Not taking no for an answer and getting what they wanted. I enjoyed the complexity of some of the cast and members of the family as you got to know them more throughout the read. I always find it interesting to read about the higher class and how they view things differently from us lower class civilians. Harry was amused with things as well but also irritated with other situations. She wasn't afraid to voice things when she didn't find things entertaining or funny.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the author was also the narrator for the book! Catherine did an amazing job with the read through and bringing Harry to life! This is a single POV book with Harry being the one we understand things through. I liked the flow of how the author went through different accents pertaining to individual characters.

There's language in the book, some violence, acts of manipulation, and more. The family have unique ways of bringing to life some of the traditions and it may be disturbing to some. Nothing gory and stomach turning, just creepy. There are some descriptions of pasts and some of the secrets being brought into the light. MF action is in the book, but it is closed door/fade to black. We get the passion and understanding but no drawn-out scenes.

I thought the book ended very well and am excited to read more from this author! Some of her other audiobooks that are available are read by her as well! Just have to wait until I have funds to get more of her reads! I loved the twists and turns and just how I couldn't predict the end!

Enjoy this read as meeting the family brings about more anxiety! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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