Rhage: A Monster Rockstar Romance Book One Author R.K. Pierce

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"He's a dapper demon daddy, and though he has no idea who I am--and probably never will--I would do anything for the opportunity to meet him." - Niki

Niki wants to stand in front of the lead singer of Rhage to fangirl out! Ever since she saw a music video with Sebastian Alex in it, she has been hooked. Having this very strange and powerful pull to meet the mysterious man behind the mask in person. Is this normal? Is this the usual behavior for people when they form a crush on a famous person?

What's behind the skeleton mask? Why are there so many secrets revolving around the band? Should Niki be afraid? Most monsters hide in the shadows but what if there are some who hide under the limelight of popularity. . .

"Our fans. Our power. Our life-force." - Sebastian

We've all had at least one major crush on a band, celebrity, actress, actor, etc. But what if you got the opportunity to meet that person or persons? You would likely do anything to be front and center before them! Niki dives full into a competition that could win her a pass to backstage, she just has to meet Sebastian!

I loved this book and just the chemistry between the two leads! The tension being built up was insane and just had you at the edge of your seat. The writing of how it is to walk into a concert you've been dying to get into! The feelings of all the different energies of excitement, disbelief, and so much more. Pierce did a phenomenal job with really submerging you into the experience. I could practically taste the cheap concession stand foods and hear the ringing in my ears from the music being so loud!

I really loved the take on monsters and the twists that came about in this book. Making complete sense as you read and understood the reasoning behind the characters. I fell in love with the twins. . .and I heard rumors that they will be getting a book together! Just I absolutely love chaotic characters, probably because I am a very chaotic person. . . Tobias was another favorite of mine and just his personality and character. Don't want to give too much away!

Niki is just trying her best and is overcoming herself in this short read. Wanting Sebastian to notice her and making memories that will last until she dies. She doesn't want to waste a single moment especially when this opportunity lands in her lap, a couple of hitches but still! With determination and a best friend who will support her until the ends of the earth, what can go wrong?

Loved the duo POVs and seeing behind Sebastian's mask. He's having to work through some things as he understands the essence of Niki and comes to terms with situations. Maybe even turning into a little bit of a hypocrite and questioning his beliefs and rules. . . No one said being a monster would be easy!

"I don't bite." - Sebastian

"Oh, I wouldn't mind if you did." - Niki

This book does contain language, some slight violence, and a brief scene of mugging/SA but it was abruptly stopped! The MMC is very much touch her and you die vibes. The first line of the book completely had me hooked and I was excited by the artists on the playlist the author provided for us! The burn is slow and intense but when we get to the MF action. . .it's so worth the wait! The MMC has some fancy equipment as well.

I loved this rockstar romance and just the pacing of the book! We do get a HEA, but I believe we will see glimpses of the couple throughout the remainder of the series! Just I need a book with the twins because. . .this may be a spoiler. . .but someone higher up warned Sebastian to control them. . . I cannot wait for more installments with this series and finding out how things progress!

Enjoy the fangirl being able to meet her idol who may or may not have a really dark secret hiding under that mask. . . Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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