Winter Dragon: Season's War Book Two Author Olena Nikitin

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! So, if you haven't read, "Autumn Chaos: Season's War Book One" do that first! Otherwise, there will be spoilers ahead and this review will be confusing.






". . .Ina's priority was finding her dragon." - Ina

What does one do when their lover shifts into a dragon and flies away? You grab your bestie and chase after the "overgrown lizard" with the intent of getting them back. With the intention of giving them an ear full once you find them but nevertheless you go after them!

Ina will find Mar no matter what, but the snowy weather presents a challenge along with others seeking her out. Her Chaos magic is no longer a secret as the "blessed" bards are singing her praises. . . Ina will be facing more than just getting her complicated lover back. She will be forced to make decisions and change her ways otherwise she may lose more than she already has. . .

"Men! Feed them, heal them, and hope they will be grateful enough to show their appreciation." - Ayni

I love this series so much, from book one and into this one! Also really love the authors' and their down to earth personalities and the humor that is within their books. It still very much reminds me of "The Witcher" the grittiness of it all, the mythical beasts, and so much more. A bit of "Game of Thrones" with all the intrigue, secrets, dragons, and hidden puppeteers. 

I forgot how much I loved Ina as a whole until I started diving into this next installment! Ina is everything, period. End of review! She's the definition of an FMC who has no filter, will speak her mind, strong, and independent. She's extremely intelligent and smart, even the people who "know" her are still stunned by some of her antics.

Just I love everything about Ina, and I will not be wanting to let this series go when we are finally getting to the last book! The scenes between her and Mar when he's in his dragon form are just perfect. If I met a dragon in real life, I would do the exact same things she did! Ina's such a refreshing character and I could go on about her for years!

". . .I don't want to be hit by Perun's lightning on the top of the mountain because you fried his arrogant chicken." - Mar

The comedy in this book was great and I had so many moments where I was saying oh no! Knowing things/situations about characters before they did because we have to have drama. The new characters introduced in this book placed a couple of slight obstacles into the paths of the original cast. Things got even more complex, and relationships become even more strained. Enjoyed the multiple POVs in third person and getting to see things from different angles. 

Ren is still one of my favorite characters and I fell for him even more within the pages of this book! Rewan is another of my favorites and I like the bisexual representation with him. The big twist with him from the last book and the continuation of his character development is incredible. I love how he plays simpleton until it's time for him to show everyone he had them in checkmate from the very beginning! But not being so high up that he doesn't ask for help when things get difficult.

This series is going to be a darker fantasy, this book was slightly more intense than book one. We have everything from sword fighting to mages who use blood magic to creatures eating their meals. The fight scenes were so fluid, and I was enthralled with them even if some were just training montage moments. There's violence in this read and some of the mind control magic may be disturbing to some. I found it fascinating and sad at the same time but thoroughly enjoyed how it was written. Language is present because Ina has no filter even around a king and I can relate to her!

The authors' spoil us with a map at the beginning of the book along with a closeup image of the dragon! I also loved the unique way they recapped book one and we are still getting little illustrations within the read. I was particularly happy with several of the illustrations they had chosen from the chapters. I am a visual person and so some of the Slavic mythological creatures I had to Google. Illustrations are very much a welcome thing!

We do get MF action in this book but it's a slow burn because things have gotten very tense! There's a love triangle and usually I don't go for them especially after finding "why choose" books, but there's a uniqueness to this one. If you've read book one you know of what I am talking about and how there are some factors as to why it's happening. And I mean even in real life sometimes we have to sort out our emotions and understand whether someone would be better as a friend or a potential lover. 

There's a cliffhanger at the end but it's a nicer one. I still very much want to read the next installment and see where this is going to go. I love so many of the cast and just this writing style and adventure. I need more and I never want to say goodbye! I know the authors' may take away some of my favs and I will cry but I will understand.

Enjoy the read with old gods, mythical creatures, and a Chaos mage who's anti doors! I mean does one really need doors other than the ones leading to the outside? Don't forget to give the authors some stars!

Book 1 Autumn Chaos: Epic Fantasy Romance (Season's War Book 1) eBook : Nikitin, Olena: Kindle Store

Autumn Chaos: Dark Fantasy Romance (Steamy) by Olena Nikitin, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Book 2

Winter Dragon: Dark Fantasy Romance (Season's War): Nikitin, Olena: 9781999886141: Books

Winter Dragon: Dark Fantasy Romance by Olena Nikitin, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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