The Diseased: Paige Hanson Book One Author S. M. Thomas

Audiobook Review!

5 out of 5 stars!

Narrator: Sophie Linfield

"Where is your husband?"

That question is on EVERYONE'S lips as poor Paige is hounded over and over! Why did the wife and child survive but the husband didn't? Where's the body? Is the wife hiding something? Why can't the wife remember? Question after question that Paige cannot answer, her memory not wanting to fully show her the entirety of the night leading up to the accident!

Paige wants nothing more than to hold her baby in her arms and try to carry on with her life. Not wanting to fully believe Leo is truly gone, but knowing she needs to move on for the sake of her son. Yet, several people will not let her work through her grief. They want answers Paige can't seem to give them and the ones who are demanding the hardest are part of the State/Government. . . Leo, what did you do?

I was able to ARC read the eBook form for S.M. Thomas, and I fell in love with the thriller! I was so excited when the author reached out again with the audiobook version! I had to dive right into it and listen as Sophie Linfield brought the voice of Paige Hanson to life! Audiobooks are still considered reading because we all process information differently and our attention span may differ from one another. Gasp! Does that mean we are individuals and unique?

Paige has a very sharp mind and a photographic memory but when it comes to the events leading up to the car crash her mind is struggling to put all the pieces together! Paige is beyond frustrated and you will soon follow suit as you listen to the flashbacks and each time a little extra is added but then abruptly cut off! Pieces slowly clicking into place, but the full story still being hidden. I growled several times because Paige is so close to remembering it all and then something stops the flow! Well, played Thomas, well played.

I loved how as the book goes on you realize the marriage between Leo and Paige wasn't all peaches and cream. There's more to the couples' dynamic and the backstory of their characters. The twists and how Paige's past also plays a large part in things. The sci-fi aspect of the book is that we are stationed on Earth Two, something having happened to Earth One. And because of such things there's new rules, regulations, and a government.

There are some triggering things with the new government and how they view situations. Namely how they are ensuring the human species survives. . . The believability of the politics and how people are seen and treated is scary. The author did a phenomenal job with crafting and constructing the world within the pages of the book. One of the big arcs in the book may be upsetting to some, I don't want to give anything away but there are some prejudices and phobias on the page.

I really loved having read the eBook form listening to the audiobook and picking up on some early foreshadowing. I still have many theories as to what happened and how it happened, some new theories have come about as well! But you will just have to read/listen to the book and see if you come up with some ideas of your own. Not everything is as it seems. . .

This book does contain heavy emotions of grief, having been with someone and suddenly they are no longer there. Expecting them to walk down the stairs or make you coffee and they don't. . . The little things that Paige experienced were heartbreaking. How do you move on from such an intimate loss? There's language in the book, violence, some medical things that are parallel to today's world, flashbacks, coping with alcohol, and so much more! The cliffhanger will get you and have you craving the next installment in the series!

The mystery and thriller aspect of the book is incredible, and you will be on the edge of your seat! Everything is from Paige's POV and she's trying to piece things together while also navigating through her new life. With all the questions and no answers to give fingers begin pointing and they aren't directed away from Paige. . .

Somethings not right and the explanations may be right in front of Paige's face. . . Enjoy the read and don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Diseased (Audible Audio Edition): S.M Thomas, Sophie Linfield, A.R Hurne Publishing: Books

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