How to Fake Date Your Grumpy Boss (How to Rom-Com Book 1) Author Camilla Evergreen

Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!

"All important meetings occur in the rain, with a clap of thunder."

Rose is venturing out on her own and trying to make it as an adult! Being in college with roommates and away from her strict parents she's trying to do her best. Wanting to make her folks proud as she becomes an independent person. When an application for a potential dream job appears, Rose takes her chances. But things don't go so well. . .

It's not recommended to kiss your potential future boss on the first interaction, even if it was an accident! The media and paparazzi don't see it as an accident as the billionaire is caught kissing a young, unknown woman. The solution to both their problems and reputations is simple fake date. Will they be able to convince people of the lie? Can Rose manage to get her parents to see she's still a good and innocent girl? How will this all turn out?

"I like words. And I like when my words are correct, thank you very much." - Rose

Rose reminded me of Rose from "The Golden Girls", just the innocence of her character and her strict upbringing. I also thought about the movie "Tangled" as I was reading and how Rose and Levi's dynamic was similar to Rapunzel and Flynn's. Him being knowledgeable about the world and her being sheltered. Wanting to explore and learn everything but worried about what her parents will say.

I can relate to Rose and having a strict upbringing and parents who wanted to keep you as innocent as possible. Sheltered and protected from the world to a degree with age appropriateness is okay but you will be an adult and need to know how to navigate through life. A balance in everything is needed along with an amount of trust in your kids. 

I didn't like Rose's parents because it brought back memories of mine. But I did enjoy that there was a little redeeming arc for them within the read. You can still tell that Rose is going to have a healing journey ahead of her and realizing things so that she can find her happiness and what that means for her.

I loved the sheer comedy of this book! Camilla has always had comedy in her romcoms, but I can tell the comedy is improving and getting better. By no means am I stating her other series failed in the laugh out loud moments. Just naturally with each new work there's improvement. I was laughing so much with this read and finding several lines I thoroughly enjoyed.

"Basically, you're saying purchasing one book for you is the gateway into turning you into a book-hoarding-dragon?" - Levi

"Correct." - Rose

I mean if you buy me books then that's it! The dynamic between the two was fantastic and I enjoyed the age gap. Levi being only eight years older than Rose, but it was still an age gap! There are so many things about Levi I loved and picked up on instantly, but I don't want to give anything away. This was a very good story and start to the series of romcoms. I enjoyed the single POV being from Rose but would love to have seen Levi's POV with a couple of scenes.

With this read there is mention of being heavily bullied, no in-depth details but an understanding that it was bad. Anxiety attack on page and depictions of not wanting to disappoint parents to a hefty fault. Wanting to maintain that good girl image for her parents and be acknowledged for it. Levi didn't fully get the memo about no language; he toes the line but there are no straight up curse words.

This is a clean, closed-door romance meaning there's no sex on the page. There was some passionate kissing and the tension of the slow burn along with implications something more happened but no details. Again, I love Camilla's clean romances but how she includes adult situations/wants and not over the top clean. 

The author has even mentioned her MMCs don't seem to get the memo about the "clean read". Pretty sure Levi just chuckled and marked the email as spam. I also agreed with Levi's standpoint with several scenes. He is very much disrespect her or touch her and die vibe.

I really loved the scene in Target with some of the main characters. And there was a line from Levi that just hit me square in the gut! Made me a little emotional when I read the line. I cannot wait for more from this series and to see more characters Camilla comes up with! There is a HAE, and these books are standalones, but you may see previous couples mentioned within the series. I also really loved "The Reader Expectations" breakdown at the beginning of the book along with the little quotes at the start of every chapter!

Enjoy the romantic comedy and I will just say this man takes Rose out on a first date and the place Levi takes her to is just phenomenal! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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