Of Blood and Silver Runes: Everlasting Series Book One Author Christine N. Kirby

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4 out of 5 stars!

"I've done what I could to keep you hidden. To keep you safe." - Moyra

Raena wishes to live out her life as a simple one within the walls of a convent. But everything changes when she accidentally let's slip use of magic. Something that has been gone for many generations but surely it didn't come from her. On the run from the Hunters sent by the Elven Queen, she finds herself leaving behind the quiet life and within the capital city of Mortals!

Elves/Fae are frowned upon, and she has to add that to the list of things to keep hidden. Raena's soon approached by someone stating they need her to carry out a Divine will. Become the Everlasting to help the people against something evil that's threatening to come through to the current realm. Raena has to make decisions while maintaining secrecy about herself. Simple enough right? Can she remain hidden away from those hunting her? Will her elven identity remain concealed?

"My lady of mystery, you continue to surprise me." - Zaden

Raena's going from a sheltered life to one full of mysteries and newness. I loved watching her growth throughout this read and how things and her surroundings really changed for her. Going from practically nothing to being placed in the middle of a life she'd only read about. While also trying to maintain her disguise and find some answers about things. Coming of age for Raena within this read along with some "Bridgerton" vibes.

I loved the descriptions of the scenery and how things changed going through the book. I personally prefer the greenery and trees to the cold, snowy landscapes. I enjoyed the magic within the read and how there are catches to it. How magic hasn't been around for a while and some people don't look at it in awe and wonder.

There's some prejudice mentioned in the book surrounding elves/fae. Brief encounters of it because mortals and elves do not have the best relationship. Tensions are high between the races and so elves cannot be out in the open in certain places. . .

I really loved Soren and Korbin. They were my favorite side characters to read about. I enjoyed a lot of the cast and liked the dynamics of several. But Soden had me grinning and excited to see more of him. Korbin I just really loved, and I cannot fully state why, plus don't want to give things away. 

The love interest in the book wasn't fully for me. This is my personal opinion; you may read the book and find him to be perfect and a new book boyfriend! But for me the love interest seemed too perfect. Disney level prince charming type. I just didn't feel as much of the chemistry I wanted to between him and Raena. Their relationship is a slow burn and we do get MF action in this read.

I could predict a lot of things within this read and some of the characters. I do read a LOT of books so maybe that's why I was able to predict so much with the plot and characters. I still admired when the main characters caught onto things and came to realizations. There's some violence with this read as well as several mentions of blood. Blood magic/rituals are performed on the page, and you can feel the pain of situations.

The author spoils us with a map at the beginning of the book. I liked the single POV with this read and how we followed Raena as she journeyed through lands and navigated her new life. There's language in the book but only words of "damn" or using damn within them. No foul language really. The book ends on a cliffhanger and I am curious to see what happens next. I loved all the intrigue within this read and I'm wondering how things will play out. 

Enjoy the read with magic, hidden elves, and mortals. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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