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5 out of 5 stars!

"I was always on my own, always striving for solitude." - Aglasia

Aglasia has built a life, a career, and a home for her and her alone. Being a siren who has lived for centuries isn't easy, especially when it comes to food sources. . . She doesn't want to embrace the full horror of being a siren and can't allow herself to get too close to humans. If they knew everything about her, they wouldn't accept her.

Things are going fine with this in-between lifestyle until a redheaded siren barrels into Aglasia's life. The siren is determined to accomplish something and needs help with achieving her goal. Aglasia's life is uprooted as this siren bleeds into everything Aglasia has built. Can this siren actually accomplish what she wants? What are the consequences? And will Aglasia ever get her solitude back?

"Why not just lean into who--what you are?" - Rossa

After reading this book it made me really miss swimming and having access to a swimming pool. . . I absolutely loved the descriptions of the ocean and swimming within the deep waters. I felt how Aglasia felt as she transformed into her siren self and swam through the water. Absorbing it all and healing from the salty currents.

Being alone sometimes seems and feels like it's the only option. Until the loneliness consumes you and you're left feeling empty and sad. Aglasia realizes maybe being on your own isn't the answer when a new siren forces herself into Aglasia's life. I was laughing so much with the dynamics between the two sirens and how they're polar opposites of one another. Aglasia has built up endurance and resistance to things while Rossa's a pure wildcard.

The pair together was the best part and how Aglasia kept referring to her new house mate as babysitting a child. I loved the energy of Rossa and how she drove Aglasia up the wall. Rossa also has so much mystery surrounding her and Aglasia has to really work at getting information out of her.

I loved the take on sirens in this book and the twist with immortality. Living for centuries and how their minds and their memories work. It makes complete sense when you read over the explanation of things. I also really enjoyed how sirens are notorious for being mythical creatures that draw in humans no matter what gender they may be. Being so drawn to them sirens tend to get a very large ego and don't know how to take rejection.

The twists within this story were great and I loved the flow of the story and where things ended up. I was so absorbed in the book I didn't realize I was close to the end. Quickly becoming aware this book would end on a cliffhanger! I am ready for the next part in this journey! I also had to look up the definition of the title because I really wanted to know what it meant. After reading the story it fits the book so well.

"He was soothing water, and I chafing sand." - Aglasia

We do have a love blossoming between a siren and a human. The siren being the grumpy one while the human is the sunshine. It's a slow build and the most action we get is passionate kissing, sorry this is going to be a RIDE. I really loved the human love interest and I hope to see him in the next book! He has that golden retriever energy that draws you to him.

This book is a single POV with Aglasia being the one we see things through. I enjoyed being able to submerge into her character and understand her emotions. The read is a dark fantasy book and there are some scenes that may be triggering. Sirens do need to feed, and their main dish is that of the male human category. I was so emerged in the scene that I forgot to breath. 

Gore, violence, eating disorder, thoughts of suicide, and deaths within this book. I loved the siren song and how they can change their songs to fit what they need. This book has language and one scene where things were getting spicy but turned sour, it was ended swiftly. And no, the scene wasn't with our sunshine love interest. I also really appreciated how Aglasia had to differentiate between her siren emotions and what humans feel. Understanding certain things would be considered rude or cold if she had reacted the way a siren would.

Didn't realize how much I loved sirens until this read. I've always liked them, but this book solidified things for me. I cannot wait for the next book and what's to come!

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