Ashes: The Phoenix Prophecy Book 3 Author Cara Clare

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order, leaving off on cliffhangers that the next book picks up after. So, if you haven't read, "Nova: The Phoenix Prophecy Book One" and "Blaze: The Phoenix Prophecy Book Two", go read them first. Otherwise, this review will contain spoilers and be a bit confusing.

"Shit. A badge. . .fire mage is a cop." - Nico

After escaping the hotel of "fun", Nova and her mages are back together. Only with a new face in the ranks. . . The guys do not trust Nico as far as they can throw him, and I am pretty sure "Polar Daddy" could launch Nico into Phoenix Falls from The Hollow without breaking a sweat. 

Nova believes she has found a part of her past she thought to have been lost. With the pressing matters of the new leaked video and both groups coming for her, Nova has bigger things to worry about. Will her and her guys be safe? Can they convince the Bureau she isn't a coldblooded killer? And where has Luther run off to? Not that she should care since he hasn't exactly approved of her. . .

"Do I detect a note of jealousy in your voice, Baloo?" - Nova

Ugh, the professor is playing so hard to get! Though I am wondering how long he will last with both Tanner and Nova coming after him. . . I love that the author has different builds between the main characters. Not all of them just instantly being Nova's and having the clearcut romance arc. But my goodness, Professor!

I loved how this book showed more build and dynamic between Nova, Kole, and Tanner. Along with the newness of a relationship and not being able to keep your hands to yourself. Plus, Nova's breaking free of her suffocating shell/past and coming to know who she truly is!

I am really enjoying the trios' dynamics and Kole's dominant nature. You can also tell that Tanner and Kole have rubbed off on each other by how Tanner sometimes talks. Also, how Kole is perfectly fine if Nova decides she wants his other brothers but placing his foot down with someone new. Making sure feelings are genuine and not just simply lust filled.

This may be a spoiler, but I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the scene with the group, including Nova, fighting together! The fact that Nova isn't at full percent makes it more exciting for the future books in the series. When her and her mages are fully battle ready and unleashing hell!

I really love Nico and my heart breaks when you find out more about his past. He's not cut out for what he has been tasked to do but he's trying his best. Was even surprised by a quick part with his character. He also came up with great nicknames for the guys of The Hollow. 

The group helps to teach and train Nova with things, helping to control her emotions that are linked to her magick.

"It's harder for fire mages. Our emotions live closer to the surface. We run hot." - Luther

I was shocked by Luther in the book. Though I am not completely sold on him just yet. I do not hate his character and feel like there's going to be a big moment of clarity with him in the books to come. I think after the last book, you can tell Luther's starting to soften, just slightly around the edges. There was a scene in the book involving Luther and another character I didn't expect! Intense scene and I loved it. Luther also has a little surprise with his character design that had me smirking.

There's a scene in the book where a couple of the main characters have to visit a certain club that caters to "interesting" fetishes. The author doesn't go into great detail about a certain one that the main characters unwillingly witness it. There's a reason for them being there and seeing it, but I cannot go into detail. Just a little fair warning.

Loved the continuation of multiple POVs along with just continuous build of relationships. Whether good or bad ones! Seeing more back stories to characters and how they became who we see in the current present. Language is in the book as well as violence and slight gore. Close proximity trope, age gap trope, possible enemies to lovers, biting, role reversals, and some others I may be forgetting.

The book does NOT disappoint in the spice area. There was one scene of someone being guided through things and. . .you may need a cold shower after reading it. We have all kinds of action in the book! MF, MFM, MM, and MFMM. There's debate amongst the community about using RH tags. Simply this book is a why choose and the guys are devoted to the female love interest. Only the men are not shy and willingly give each other a hand. . .

This installment of the series is very good and just I love the constant building of plot and characters! Cara Clare's doing an amazing job with the series, and I cannot wait for the end of October 2022! These books end on cliffhangers. Love that Cara also included the "cellar scene" from Kole's POV originating from book one! Along with little recaps of the previous reads to refresh the memory.

Enjoy the read with magick, radical groups, sinfully handsome men, a strong female lead with curves, and so much more! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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