Hungry Business: A Gothic Short Story Author Maria DeBlassie

Book Review

4 out of 5 stars!

"The things we do for love." 

No matter how hard you try to not get involved with dating it never works. We are creatures who desire companionship even if things may have changed and the dating game just got a little more dangerous. . .

This was a very short, cozy gothic story! About humans and "Hungries" aka zombies trying to coexist with one another. One such women is trying to keep the sickness from spreading while battling the feelings of loneliness. Having set up a boundary to not date but despite that she still craves someone to love.

I enjoyed this interesting read and how the POV was in the second person. Intrigued by how it constantly said "you" and made it feel like it was your POV. The POV we were given was understood to be in a woman's body but no name which was a unique twist as well.

I loved the fast pace of the short read, the coziness of it, and how it ended. If the author wanted to, she could write another short with the MC from this book. I liked the details I caught with things toward the end and happy about how it concluded. 

This is a horror gothic short story with the focus being on Hungries trying to coexist with humans. So, there is mention of death and decay and what Hungries crave to eat. I liked the twist on how zombies came about and how more were made. There was a little bit of violence with this read and a date that didn't end well. Language is present in this read.

What would you do for love? Or how would you go about finding it when some of the rules of life have changed? Dating just got a little more complicated!

Enjoy the quick read and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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