The Touch of Murder : Tales of the Magistrate Pt. 1 Author J.F. Lee

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5 out of 5 stars!

"I am bored." - Tao Jun

Being stuck inside an office is no place for Tao Jun! Luckily someone tosses him a bone in the form of a missing person. Things do turn sour when the case becomes a murder investigation. But Tao Jun will gladly do anything to stay out of the office and away from his archnemesis. . .paperwork!

Only things begin to go sideways when Tao Jun finds a whole nest of lies, an assassin group, and a mysterious girl with an interesting past. Not to mention a wanted conman! What was his name again? Tao Jun brandishes his sword Joy and silk robes as he tracks down his leads. Hopefully the trail will end with the correct person being arrested.

"Ji Ping, you're as bad as my wife." - Tao Jun

"The woman must be an incarnation of the goddess of mercy to put up with you." - Ji Ping

First of all. . .I screamed, fine I squealed, when I read that this was going to be about Tao Jun. I met him in the "Tales of the Swordsman" and knew he was one of my favorites. If you haven't read the books featuring Li Ming, that's perfectly fine. I do highly recommend reading them! 

This book takes place after the ending of the first book in the series of the "Tales of the Swordsman". There are some mild spoilers for the first book featuring Li Ming, but no clear in depth details. Could just tell the timeline of this book featuring Tao Jun, in conjunction to Li Ming's arc.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wuxia! If you haven't a clue what Wuxia is or means the author has an amazing page dedicated to what the genre is. In short:

"Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction that features itinerant warriors of extreme (almost supernatural) martial arts skill in ancient China." - Quoted from JF Lee's website

Tao Jun's not your typical magistrate by any means! Which drives his adjutant up the wall and across the ceiling, which seems to be needing a new paint job. But regardless of how he got into the position of magistrate, Tao Jun does do his job. Even if his means are a little unorthodox and he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

I enjoyed being able to see Tao Jun in action! I also really loved that this book was in first person POV and only Tao Jun's. Seeing how his mind works and just how he kept breaking the fourth wall. I honestly got Deadpool vibes from Tao Jun and his antics. I can completely understand why he cannot stay in the office for too long with ton of paperwork. Pretty sure he would "accidently" set something on fire just to get out.

Tao Jun's a great detective and I loved how we get a fusion of detective and martial arts. Not to mention the sheer comedy of this book! I was laughing out loud on several occasions and just becoming more attached to Tao Jun as I read on. Definitely confirming why I instantly knew I was going to love him.

I really enjoyed all of Tao Jun's team and staff from the Tribunal. We also get to see an old face from "Tales of the Swordsman" in this book. Not to mention a handful of other cast from different books JF Lee has written. I loved the mystery and solving of the case. All the little twists and things I didn't see coming until they unfolded on the page! Not to mention the witty banter and playfulness of conversations!

The author spoils us! At the beginning of the book there is a list of main characters and brief descriptions of them. And at the back of the book is a glossary for Chinese words and their meaning. He also lists the words by chapters! So you won't get any spoilers as you flip to the back (if you have a physical copy of the book) to see what a word means.

This book does contain some violence and gore along with language, both in Chinese and English. This is about a man who solves murder mysteries so expect death. The book closes with a bridge ending, meaning there are hints of a possible future arc line for Tao Jun!

I loved this read and I cannot wait to dive into the next part of Tao Jun's story! Do enjoy the read and give the author some stars!

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