Autumn Chaos (Season's War Book 1) Author Olena Nikitin

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4 out of 5 stars!

"Ina, do you have something against the doors in your home?" - Mar

Ina's just living her life within exile peacefully until a fateful encounter with a half-dead man. Not having the heart to let him die she performs a spell that's frowned upon. Not fully realizing the side effects of the enchantment, Ina's life of blissful silence and solitude comes to an end.

Rumors of monsters invading Cornovii are spreading. And because of Ina's colorful past, she's placed in the middle of things. No one said having Chaos Magic would be easy. Mysteries need to be solved and clues must be found to help prevent people from getting hurt. Human or non-human alike. Can Ina control her temper this time? Why does the man she saved keep appearing in her life and not allowing her out of his sight? And how much has changed after ten years?

"Did you honestly call the King a limp dick?" - Gruff

I loved Ina from page one! Having related to her temper and the Chaos magic she wields, I would definitely have the same type. Ina has a big heart for animals and things people deem "unworthy". She's very independent and doesn't listen to anyone, well maybe one person. . . But Ina carves her own path. The full reason as to why she was exiled is rather hilarious. (Would totally do the same thing, not to mention being able to meet the Leshy!)

Ina's a wildfire no one can stop, not that anyone would. I loved Gruff and his nickname for the fiery redhead. Striga! Which if you've watched or read "The Witcher" you will know what a Striga is. And Mar doesn't stand a chance against Ina or her chaos she brings, magically inclined or not. He's maintained ridged order his whole life and a calmness. Until he is dumped on Ina's doorstep.

The two are fantastic to watch together. Both being very strong willed and stubborn! Not to mention the connection between them that neither one is able to fully grasp. Ren's character helps to balance the two of them, even if there's a little love triangle going on. I really hope the triangle turns into a why choose trope. Slow-burn and build-up with all the tension that leads to some passionate MF action.

Ren's a big sweetie who's been seen differently because of his exotic look and background. I also admired what he said to Mar with matters concerning Ina. By the end of the book you will just want to give him a big hug.

Rewan's another character I appreciated and knew I would like. I don't want to give anything away with him because the twists are perfect! I want to see him more in the next book! Yes, there's a cliffhanger and you will be wanting the next book. There's another epic adventure and so much more. I want to quote a line that Ina says at the end but you will just have to read the book.

This is a darker themed fantasy. There's humor, witty banter, and delightful moments, but some of the things that happen in the book may be a little intense. Violence and gore with some harsh deaths, along with language. I know many people who have arachnophobia so fair warning, there's a detailed scene with a monster that has spider parts. I loved the story and all the twists and turns! I cannot wait for the next book with Ina!

Enjoy the fun read with magic, monsters, and mysteries! Don't forget to give the author some stars! Autumn Chaos: Epic Fantasy Romance (Season's War Book 1) eBook : Nikitin, Olena: Kindle Store

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