Could Have Been Closer (Could Have Been Sweet Book #2) Author Camilla Evergreen

Book Review

4.8 out of 5 stars!

"It feels like I've gone backwards from happily ever after endings to witch-filled beginnings." - Jules

Juliette's supposed "fairytale" came to a rude end when she found her beloved "prince" in bed with his secretary. . . Is there like a hot-secretary-you-will-cheat-on-your-spouse-with subscription somewhere? Broken hearted and not wanting to go home to the parents who may or may not know about her current life. Jules is stranded.

Cue real prince charming, Elliot Carter! Only he's seven years older than Jules and her older brother's best friend. Meaning no. Off limits, yet something's always been there but because of several reasons, including legal ones. The answer was always N-O. But living under the same roof may just change things. Or will Jules have her heart broken again? Can she really find that fairytale with a happily ever after?

This is Book 2 of the "Could Have Been Sweet RomCom", but it can be read as a standalone. The only thing is you won't get the little giggly feelings of seeing the couple from book one. Little Easter eggs from book one here and there. It won't spoil anything for book one, other than the fact the couple gets together and are expecting! Though when you go into a RomCom you know there will be love interests, a couple blossoming, and finally coming together.

"And a woman shouldn't be getting married to anyone who can't even recognize her after a full night of dancing." - Elliot

Amen! Loved Elliot, especially when I read this line. Like seriously!? If you are dancing with someone you are pretty close in proximity to one another so how can you not recognize them later? Did the Prince not put his contacts in? Or was he forced to not wear his glasses so he could look more handsome and perfect at the ball? Elliot's character was fantastic being a big protective teddy bear. He's also trying so hard to not cross any boundaries. Not wanting to loose anyone in his life that's very important to him.

Elliot's also a cop and I enjoyed this one scene of revenge on the ex boyfriend. Since you know, murdering someone is frowned upon and Elliot couldn't loose his job. Jules also didn't want to see him end his career or ruin his life. Her older brother and Elliot are rather protective of her. I think Camilla just wrote out an example of what to do with an ex you lived with who cheats. . . It's diabolical, I heard the lemon version of the evil payback.

Jules you could tell was the baby of the family. Which, you get to see the down side, borderline toxic, of being the youngest child. A feeling of being wrapped in bubble wrap or glass since day one. No one wanting to break you and always handling you with care.

Jules is for sure a Disney Princess and I am nominating her for said role! After you read about Peanut, her cat, you will completely understand! Which I absolutely love Peanut and his gentleman ways. Elliot even calls it out in his head about Jules being a Disney Princess. Believing magic runs through her veins and wanting to give Jules every bit of her fairytale vision. But would that be inappropriate?

This book is a very clean read! There are innuendos all throughout the book because we are dealing with adults. I also loved how they wished to save things for after marriage but the author made it feel real. How the characters even admitted to having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. Wanting to go further but knowing it wasn't right and respecting each other's boundaries.

Elliot's job is being a Police Officer. He does mention some of the things he has had to handle as a cop. Namely sexual harassment cases that led to worse case scenarios. Someone not wanting to speak up or worry others. There's a scene of sexual harassment but it doesn't go far. It's stopped and the matter is quickly taken care of.

This is a fantastic clean romance read! With comedy, witty banter, age-gap, close proximity romance, and a lot more. One more character I will mention is Louie or Lou! I would love to have a book with him as the main character. He's the person you don't know you need in your life until you meet him. He may be goofy and jumps into things quickly, but when he gets serious, you listen. He's able to read people within a second of meeting them.

I am very much excited for Book #3 coming out next month! (September 2022) I am ready for the next couple and the plans for the couple sound very interesting. One character is asexual and aromantic! I love a diversity to characters and their orientations.

Enjoy the romantic comedy with a happy ending and give the author some stars!

Book #1 "Could Have Been Us"


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