The Weight of Our Hearts Author Nina Bloom

ARC Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Set to release July 30, 2022 (Tomorrow!)

"My willpower is a temperamental bitch; sometimes her restraint is iron-clad, but most times she's a floozy for food." -Lucy

First of all, the content warning. Not what the warnings are about just simply the author stating that your heart will be utterly obliterated. That there will be a happy ending (there is!) but first you will experience all the feels.

"See you on the other side. . ." - Nina Bloom

Lucy's trying to move on with her life. Moving past a traumatic childhood along with a great loss. Being an independent woman, if you will. Only running from the past only goes so far before it catches up to you. One thing she cannot run from anymore is Marco. . . Her older brother's best friend and someone Lucy didn't want to see again.

He's not making her life any easier, being a grumpy sunshine at that. But when life decides to rip the rug out from under Lucy, she's forced to turn to Marco. Marco's family is the ONLY reason Lucy will even consider the idea of working for him. Sparks fly and tension builds between the two. But will Lucy's past fully consume her? And will Marco ever move past the point of being a grouchy troll?

This book. . .this book is one that I read in eBook form but I want a hardcover! The story was absolutely amazing along with the very huge healing journey. I could tell that this was very much a healing journey for not only Lucy but the author as well. Whether Lucy's traumas reflected the author's or not, I could just tell the healing and moving forward was powerful!

Absolutely loved the strong female leads! The group had me laughing, crying, and cheering. I enjoyed how three women bonded to Lucy in the course of one meeting. Lucy's dealing with mental issues along with body image issues. Lucy is a curvy woman, but social media and the world's standards discard Lucy and her curves. However! There are three women who will clearly do anything for Lucy. Seeing right through things and telling it to her face.

"Now, where were we? Oh, yes, the matter of your insecurity. It's bullshit." - Carmella

"Spill, or I'll drive over there and waterboard you with eggnog." - Frankie

"Free yourself from your past, honey. Untangle the chains of someone else's expectation. Someone else dug that hole you fell into, but only you can climb out of it." - Dylan

Dylan's line is one of my favorites from the book! Something I needed to read for myself, honestly. Each woman brings something different to the table for Lucy. But the bottom line is the bond that was formed amongst them is incredible. 

Some of the things Lucy had to deal with and learn from hit close to home. Felt a lot of things to a personal level and I even teared up on multiple occasions while reading this book. I was so into this book I read it in the course of one night! Nina did an amazing job bringing to life Lucy and the other very strong female leads.

Of course there were strong male leads! Not saying anything against the male cast. Though a few of them I have more than just a few words for them. . . I loved Lucy's nickname for Marco. I enjoyed getting to know him better and seeing the deeper side of his character. He's grumpy, maybe a little too uptight, but he loves his mom and isn't ashamed to receive her love.

This book is a SLOW burn. The author even warns you before you just dive in. I will say she was right, it was worth the wait! There's MF action as well as cussing, I imagine you could figure that out from some of the quotes above. Violence and some deep trauma scenes. The author does it in a very tasteful manner so as to feel it, keeping it short. Enemies to lovers trope with an age gap and close proximity.

I could keep gushing about this read but I don't want to give anything away. Just know that this is an intense journey of healing. Only sometimes you need to be reminded that in this big world, you're not alone. You have people to lean on as well as books that help you to move forward. Even if the books are far from self help books. We all heal differently and at different speeds. It's not a race, it's your journey.

Enjoy the read with a happy ending, I promise, and give the author some stars!


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