Light the Fire : Revolution Inferno Book 1 Author Natalie Sloan

ARC Book Review

Release Day July 9, 2022

5 out of 5 stars!

When you first read this book there is an introduction to help set the stage of the book. Do please read it! Don't skip over it otherwise things may not make sense. I will say when I read through it, I was amazed by how well it lined up with current events. Including a current event in the U.S. that went down before the book was even about to be published!

Global warming, a virus that took out a large part of the population, DNA strains that have been altered, a tyrannical government, and women having no rights. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world set roughly two hundred years into the future. The United States is now known as the United Sectors, compounds can be found within each. All still answering to a President, one who's become more corrupt than ever in this world.

"Murder equaled freedom."

We dive into Sector Nine as Haina's escaping from the compound. Being a Triple-Threat Hellcat hasn't helped her predicament as she's been used for countless, inhumane experiments, and a "Source". Blood being drawn against her will to be distilled into a serum to help make super soldiers. Haina will stop at nothing to get freedom!

Teaming up with three others who are escaping the compound. Haina has to trust them as rushes to her goal. Only will any of them truly be free? Can Haina even really trust the three men not to turn on her? And what does one do outside of a compound?

All of the main characters are having to work through some things. Pasts that are haunting to say the least as well as Haina being openly curious about EVERYTHING. Having spent her entire life in a cage connected to a machine that takes her blood. She is naïve about a lot of things, but being a fast learner helps save her. Especially with Captain Sunshine Grumpy Pants, Zane.

"Looks uncomfortable if you ask me. Like your insides fell out of your body." - Haina

This is a story about survival and learning to trust. Read the trigger warnings. The group goes through A LOT as children. Being trained from the age of two to become lethal weapons. Their upbringings are rather triggering. They were trained to be the strongest and fittest. Trained to be fearful, submissive, and DEPENDENT on their Commanders and compounds.

To create super soldiers, certain men with the Verian Strain need blood serums. Think of Dragon Age, the Templars and how they were dependent on Lyruim. Same scenario, only the serum has blood in it. They can't merely drink blood like vampires, that will only last for an hour in their systems and then drop them. 

We do get to see a POV from a Verian of what withdrawal looks and feels like. Looking at how a major addict detoxes off their drug. There's violence and two scenes of a character getting injured and needing major medical help. The process of helping to save the injured person from dying may be a little squeamish.

There's MF, MFM, and MFMM action within this book as well as solo acts. No MM.

This book was incredible, and the author did a fantastic job with her research! The science and how the world may very well look after global warming was amazing! I loved this book and the action in it didn't disappoint! There was a twist at the end that had me going oh no. 

This is going to be a trilogy with two more books on their way! The author does state that each book is going to have different characters but there will be an over arcing storyline to tie all three books together. But the characters within the books will have happy endings. I imagine we may even see them pop up within the other books.

I am ready for this wild ride and to see the Revolution Inferno play out! Enjoy this read and give the author some stars!

Light the Fire (Revolution Inferno Book 1) - Kindle edition by Sloan, Natalie. Romance Kindle eBooks @


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