These Fleeting Shadows Author Kate Alice Marshall

Audiobook Review

Narrator: Megan Trout

5 out of 5 stars!

"I PROMISE I will tell you the truth. But first, I need to lie."

No one can escape Harrow. It won't let you go. You may leave and believe your freedom is won, but Harrow will always find a way to draw you back to its halls. . .

With the passing of her father Rachel Vaughan decides it's time to return to Harrow, just for the funeral. Helen wishes to be there for her mother but something about the old manor has been calling to her. She's known for a longtime that she's needed to return. But why? She was just a small child when they fled the grounds of Harrow! Deep, dark family secrets will be found out, is Helen ready to fully face the truth behind the stones of Harrow?!

"Beware the spiral. Find it's center."

Whew this book is a bit of a long read if you don't speed it up just a little! But I love listening to audiobooks as I do things around the house so I'm fine with long reads in audiobook form! I had read the synopsis a tiny bit, I was more interested in finding books similar to others I had read. This one popped up and I decided to give it a listen. I wasn't disappointed!

Helen's always been the odd one out. Things start off fine, but the closer people get to her, or her parents unexplainable situations pop up. Being told you're unique only goes so far before you start wondering why you're so different. . . When she hears about going back to Harrow and potentially having more of a family, she can't help but be a little excited! People like her that will accept her, maybe.

Only as events began to play out and warnings are issued toward her, Helen can't help but have second thoughts. But she can't leave so easily otherwise her inheritance will be lost. Memories slowly starting to come back, and pieces of a large puzzle begin to click into place. Can she get to the bottom of things and why her mother deemed this place unsafe so long ago before a year is up?

I loved the supernatural mystery taking place! Trying to understand all the dark family secrets and who to trust and not. A lot of the family foundation is formed on not so moral things. . . The author spinning a lot of fun foreshadowing moments into the tale and keeping you guessing. I enjoyed the twists and how Helen did have to allow some to get close to her. She needed answers and sometimes you may have to team up with the "enemy". The gothic vibe of the story was fantastic along with the witchcraft. Single POV to see how Helen untangles everything.

This book is YA genre, but it has horror. Violence, bloodshed, gore, murders, and deaths. The main character becomes very sick throughout the book, and we get first person POV of how she's feeling. Family traditions, pasts, and legacies that are dark and unmoral. I don't want to get too into detail because spoilers. Helen also has a fascination with bones and making art with them which is so cool! LGBTQ rep.

The Harrow Witch was a great character, and I was excited by the sapphic, enemies to lover's trope between Helen and the Witch. I'm terrible with spelling of names when I listen to audiobooks and don't want to misspell the witch's name! I loved their banter between one another and how the Witch was upfront about things. Helen spotting that and respecting it. The nickname the Witch gives Helen is so cute! Romance isn't the main focus of the story but it's very cute and helps to bring light to the read. YA genre so the most that happens on page is kissing.

Oh, the twists leading to the end where so amazing! I cried over a couple of scenes from the closing arcs. We do get an HEA and I want to listen to more from this author! There were a couple of times it was a little slow pacing and repetitive. But as you understand the story more you conclude why. The narrator did a great job, I'm a little pickier when it comes to female voices. I could get into the read and the characters Megan brought to life were fantastic! I also really loved the author's note at the end!

However, you may read or listen to this book do enjoy the gothic, supernatural, mystery! Don't forget to give the author some stars! These Fleeting Shadows (Audible Audio Edition): Kate Alice Marshall, Megan Trout, Listening Library: Audible Books & Originals

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