Sweets for the Beast: A Spicy Love Story Author L.M. Maretti

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Your kind likes to call me a monster, a beast," he shrugs nonchalantly. "But you can just call me Nathan."

Sometimes you forget an ingredient at the store, and you need to ask your neighbor for help. It started with a cup of sugar and ended with Catherine walking side to side. Her monster neighbor was very helpful, but she hopes this isn't a one-night stand! 

"It's always the tongue that mesmerizes you humans." - Nathan

This is a very fun and quick read! The book is only thirty-two pages long!

Catherine needs a cup of sugar, the age-old classic. Knocking on her neighbor's door and hoping he isn't some creep. Only when she meets Nathan all common sense flies out the window! She's not typically a one-and-done person but this horned monster with a forked tongue has her questioning things. Maybe this won't just be a one-time thing!

This read does contain language. I loved the dynamic between Catherine and her cat. We get some angst with this read but it's short lived. I mean thirty-two pages! We only get Catherine's POV and an HEA!

MF action. Spicy scene with a monster lover. Size differences, praise, insta-lust, and more.

I will say some of the terminology for things wasn't fully for me, but it didn't turn me away from the book. For me personally I felt like the paragraphs were a little lengthy and some of the height difference moments were a little clanky. Still a good read with no real plot or heavy materials. Just fun, quirky, one night stand turned into possibly more!

Enjoy the very short novella with monster fun and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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