The Prince's Dreamy Gods: Book #1.5 Author Beau Van Dalen

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this is book one and a half! If you haven't read "The Prince's Dearest Guards" go back and read that. This book takes place between events from the first book!





"I am no hero, Hal thought to himself. Why in the world was I sent here?" - Prince Hal

Arkaus is a legendary utopian land reserved for heroes, Hal being no hero. The god of the place allowing Hal one wish before he must wake and face the mythical serpent. Our prince knows exactly what he wants and in this very short read we get to watch it unfold!

“I’d like to have sex with my guards whilst having a penis.” The God blinked. He remained silent for a moment.

I love this series so much and just how seen you feel whilst reading! Prince Hal was born with a female body, but he knew that just wasn't him! So, when he makes this wish my heart just melted! I will warn you this read is bittersweet but so worth it!

Hal and his guards are turning into my favorites, and I am excited to dive into book two when I am able! The intimacy, deep understanding, and acceptance of one another is just phenomenal. Hal's guards never pushing Hal or doing anything that would make their prince feel uncomfortable. Both guards not caring that Hal is trans and taking care of his body regardless of what he has and doesn't have. Truly accepting Hal for Hal!

With this dream the guards being utterly honored to partake in Hal's wish. Seeing him actually being able to have the body he always wanted and felt was best suited for him. I was tearing up a lot and also being so swept up in the smut! Like wow!

“I can think of nothing more satisfying than seeing the man you’re bedding find confidence in his own skin.” - Elwood

I absolutely love the playful banter between Kaiser and Elwood. Both taunting each other and verbally jousting. Hal enjoying it and stirring them up a little. Our prince has come to the conclusion that he prefers to be a brat and has granted his guards the permission to Dom him. Letting go of that control and trusting his guards.

This read is less than fifty pages long! There is language and some body horror-ish. Hal transforms basically, there's no gory details or anything disturbing. I thought it was well written and utterly beautiful. Hal POV is the only one we have, and I so enjoyed it with several scenes! Sharing is truly caring. . . There's some body dysmorphia moments.

Comfort! I love the dynamic between all three of them and just how Elwood and Kaiser can read Hal's cues. Verbal or nonverbal. They don't force their beloved prince to continue when it's clear he doesn't want to. Consent is key to all things between the throuple. "Good Boy", "Teach Me", power dynamics, praise, and more. MMF and MMM action, Hal being trans and then his wish.

Enjoy this fun in-between installment and don't forget to give the author some stars!

The Prince's Dreamy Gods (The Prince's Dearest Guards) - Kindle edition by Van Dalen, Beau. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

The Prince's Dreamy Gods (The Prince's Dearest Guards, #1.5) by Beau Van Dalen | eBook | Barnes & Noble® (

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Highly recommend checking out the author's Insta or TT! There's artwork of the MCs!!


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