The Monster Menagerie: An Anthology for Monster Lovers Author Lyonne Riley

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

This is a fun monster romance, erotica, anthology with six different stories! Each featuring unique couples/throuples and plots. Some of the stories have a little more of a storyline while others basically jump right into the spicy scenes. The FMCs are all humans while the MMCs are monsters ranging anywhere from a werewolf to a merman!

I enjoyed all of the tales within the book, like most anthologies there were some stories I loved more than others. I prefer to have a bit more buildup and plot before the erotic moments come in. But I mean sometimes you just need a quick fix of monster smut! 

I admired the fact that not all of the stories ended the same. Some of the stories ending with an HEA but a little open ended. A couple of them do end with children/want of children. I like that the MCs of each story are unique, and dynamics are changed up. We also get two stories later in the book that references the MCs from the first short!

My favorite stories and characters would have to be the ones from "Date with a Dinosaur" and "The Last Dryad". These two shorts have a bit more of a plot and the humor in "Date with a Dinosaur" was fantastic! I loved the banter between Remy and Lester. A comical, key moment happens later that had me laughing out loud and saying "Oh, Remy noooo!" The relationship the two formed was perfect and some of the things that were said/realized had me tearing up!

"The Last Dryad" was so sweet and wholesome! I loved how they each cared for one another in their own ways. It was a big comfort story! Ana respecting the monsters and wanting to know more about them! The descriptions around Taki and his abilities were interesting along with the little details showcasing just how much Ana helped him!

A lot of the stories are single POV, the POV being the FMCs. While a couple of them are dual POVS. There's language spread throughout. One story has scenes of someone trying to rob a place at gunpoint, I promise nothing bad happens! This anthology is very lighthearted and focused on couples coming together, pun intended! One does play on the heartstrings and the sickness caused by being away from their natural habitat, but it ends very well!

Every story includes spice! Some are extremely fast burn, the focus of the story being the spice. While others take a little more, but all the stories are extremely short! Some stories being longer than others but still fairly quick, I mean the entire book is less than two hundred pages! MMCs have unique physical attributes. . . Knotting, double peen, backdoor play or full use, size differences, and more.

This is the first book I've read from this author! I wouldn't mind reading another anthology, but I want to see what a full-length book is like from her! Excited to venture into more monster romances from Riley because the stories that had more of a plot were well written! Not saying the others were not well written!

Do enjoy the read with unique tales about humans and their interesting monster lovers! And don't forget to give the author some stars! The Monster Menagerie: An Anthology for Monster Lovers eBook : Riley, Lyonne: Kindle Store

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