Programmed for Love: A Sci-Fi Romance Author Lyonne Riley

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Having a crush on an android? It’s weird. Gross." - Lela

Or that's how she is "supposed" to feel about Android D-084. . . Lela has the biggest crush on the android and hopes that no one will notice or else she will be made fun of. Plus is D even capable of returning her feelings and what's his anatomy like?

Lela gets a chance to get closer to D only not under the best circumstances. Someone is sabotaging the freighter the two are stationed on along with other crew members hoping to make it to their destination. Lela and D will have to work together to try and catch the culprit. Only as Lela gets closer to D, she realizes her feelings may be reciprocated in a way!

“You have always been kind to me, and I appreciate that about you.” - D

Lela hasn't been one for relationships, especially not ones on the freighter she's stationed on. Like many people who know or just understand the common sense behind it, you do not date your coworkers! Dial that up a little because on a freighter you live and work with your associates! No escape! Luckily Lela's type isn't human.

D has caught Lela's eye since the moment she took the job on the ship. Her crush only growing, and we have so many cute moments of her trying not to drool or stare too long at D! She understands D isn't human she read all the manuals on him! But he should also be treated with respect. Unfortunately, there are some on the ship who don't see D as anything more than a tool and bully him a bit. Lela ready to throw them out into space! Touch him and die!

I very much enjoyed reading about D and the mechanics behind how he functioned! D is very interesting, and I appreciate and respect that Lyonne kept with the fact that D doesn't feel or process things the same as a human would. We have a couple of scenes involving human emotions vs android programming. Some that will make you sad and say oh no! D struggling to understand Lela and the proper protocol. Compromises being made and Lela comprehending D's equivalent to her emotions/feelings. 

I loved reading and watching how Lela and D's relationship and bond grew. They're romance isn't happy-go-lucky all the time and there are some tense moments the two have to overcome. Lela also being worried about what everyone on the ship would say about her if they knew! Her POV being the only one we get for the read.

This book does have language spread throughout. One of the main arcs in the story revolves around sabotage and Lela mentions what could happen if they don't stop this person. Check the CWs but Lyonne keeps the book rather light. There are of course some scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat and hoping it all ends well!

“How do you feel so perfect?” - Lela

 “Math,” he says, with the slightest chuckle. “It’s just math.” - D

The intimate scenes between Lela and D had me laughing! Lela and D are similar when it comes to wanting to understand the mechanics of each other. Or discovering new things about themselves. Now the spicy scenes were excellent, no doubt there! D is a very polite and sincere lover! His body also comes with some fun features that Lela takes full advantage of. D isn't shy to do some research and utilize that knowledge. . .

This book does have an HEA and I really love what the author did before the epilogue. I cried when I finished the book. This story is so beautifully written, and I enjoyed the characters a lot! The romance, the spice, again the fact that D didn't just suddenly have all the emotions of a human, the mystery, and so much more! I do believe I found another new, favorite author that has me wanting to read every book she has out and the ones she's working on!  

Do enjoy this sci-fi romance with a saboteur to catch! And don't forget to give the author some stars!

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