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5 out of 5 stars!

"Wait, you're calling me Mr. Eight?" - Eito

Eito Tachibana has a "unique" name. One that's caused him a lot of grief over the years because of the jokes and "funny" puns. The number eight being the number he's grown to dislike. . . Until he meets Tomoya Hatta, Hachi, with the Kanji for eight in his name and his nickname meaning eight in Japanese!

Little encounters and small talk turns into something more as the two keep meeting within the halls of their shared High School. Some feelings arising that Eito isn't sure about or what to categorize them as. But there's something else that he hasn't told Hachi about himself that may just change everything! 

"I'm NOT messing with you. I'm just poking fun." - Yokoi

"I KNEW I should've gone to a different high school. . ." - Eito

Eito's a bit of a serious student who's also shy. Keeping to himself except for the few he's allowed close to him or who've just found amusement in making fun of him. (In the best way! No bullying in this manga!) Yokoi being a supportive bestie but also a little bit nosy. I loved Yokoi's character a lot and how he helped to bring comedy and clarity when needed! Hachi being the opposite of Eito. Sunshiny/Golden Retriever personality that draws people to him!

I enjoyed watching the two interact with one another. Funny how you don't realize someone's constantly near until you start searching for them, intentionally or not. Then they just seem to appear constantly within your orbit. I enjoyed the very fluffy, cutesy moments! The two MCs having gay panic and embarrassing moments! Eito blushing is one of the panels I absolutely adored!

"I've liked numbers, ever since I was a kid. The number eight is a particular favorite of mine." - Hachi

I was happy to have dual POVs with this manga! The main one being Eito's but we get a chapter to see inside the mind of Hachi. Understanding just how deep the opposite personalities run! I totally get where Eito is coming from! With people misspelling or just mispronouncing your name because your parents wanted to be cool and unique. . . I liked the takes on their names and even each other's!

Now this BL manga is lighthearted but there are some sad moments. The two trying to understand one another and their feelings. Sexual awakenings for both boys! We do get an HEA and now I really want to read the other manga by this author! This is a YA manga and the most PDA we get is an on-page kiss! I didn't pick up on any language and there's no heavy topics. Again, very lighthearted and cute romance!

Enjoy the shojo manga with goofy, comical moments and blossoming romance! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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