Long Weekend Author SM Thomas

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5 out of 5 stars!

Set to Release April 16, 2024

"This weekend was certainly going to be more enjoyable than I'd originally expected." - Emma

Emma's about to go on a once-in-a-lifetime weekend trip! To the grand opening of Hotel Horizen, an extremely exclusive hotel located on an island. Her boss "gifted" Emma the ticket by practically shoving it in our girl's face. Emma agrees to go to write a story about the hotel, but she has an ulterior article she's going to write. . .

Emma wants to expose the rich guests attending and the waste of wealth. Only as she gets closer to the guests her perspective changes. Not only do feelings arise but dark secrets are brought into the light. Soon Emma believes this weekend may be more than just a fun vacation. A wicked game of power grabs, desperations, and more is about to unfold.

"You are about to read Emma's first-hand account of that long weekend, written as she lived it." - Christopher Bailey Attorney (!?)

I've read Thomas' previous series and utterly loved it but this book. . . Oh, my goodness this book was phenomenal! The writing was excellent! I agree with another reviewer, this read felt like an Agatha Christie novel with all the twists and turns! Having your theories and believing you figured it out until the very end flips the script!

I found it interesting and unique how the book started. An attorney reading off a paper before the actual story begins. Taking us back to where it all started to see the events unfold. I thoroughly loved it! I had my theories and thought I'd figured it out, but I was pleasantly wrong. 

"Something much darker was afoot in Hotel Horizen, and as a fledgling journalist, it was my duty to follow the clues." - Emma

Emma may work for a grand scale company but like majority of the working class she lives paycheck to paycheck. You can feel, understand, and sympathize with Emma as she sees the clear line in the sand of difference in classes. Not to mention being reminded of her status. The rich not batting an eye about things that have Emma looking on with wonder. The detailing of the hotel and just how immaculate it is! Descriptions and the setting of the scenery reminded me of "Glass Onion". 

I loved having Emma as the only POV and being able to see what she does. Coming to the same conclusion as her on multiple occasions! I could definitely relate to her with being bisexual and having several moments of bi-panic! I mean Fiona and Robert. . .if this were a different genre I would have been praying for a why choose romance! I also laughed hard when Emma was wondering if she wanted to be Fiona or have Fiona. . . Ah, the beloved curse of being bi!

The story does start out a little slow with Emma's POV. I mean we have to set the stage and introduce the cast! But as the read continues you start getting more and more sucked into things. By the end you're on the edge of your seat and holding your breath! There's a survival factor presented in this read and suspenseful thriller moments! I did read this book in one day!

This story has language and violence. There is a male MC who's rather misogynistic. This is a murder mystery and so there's death and blood. Some of the deaths are a little gory but not over the top. Past mention of a friend who committed suicide and the aftermaths it caused. Scenes of anxiety and shock from everything that's occurring. Survival and having to make some tough calls. I enjoyed that the cast was older in age, the youngest MC being twenty-eight.

With this read we do get some sexual tension and angst at the beginning. A little bit of a romance, but the story isn't focused on it. We do get some FF action but no sex. 

Get ready for a roller coaster ride! The ending is a bit of an open-ended one, there's an HEA and resolve to things but your imagination can also take over. You will just have to read the book to understand! I mean it's only two hundred and almost thirty pages!

Enjoy the mystery with a journalist turned detective and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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