Collared (MM Primal Play Novella): The Wicked Chase Author Lola Malone

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5 out of 5 stars!

Set to Release Tomorrow! (April 18, 2024)

"Tonight, in the moonlit woods, you will run."

Thurel wants something different. He's tired of just being average, with everything he is and does. Wants to be seen for more! So, when an opportunity arises, our guy doesn't hesitate to sign the paperwork. Completely ignoring the fine print and details of what's about to unfold. . .

Thurel believes this night, this Wicked Chase is just a fun hazing for a frat house within the Saint-Laurent Boarding College. Little does he know that this is no one-and-done game. The Brotherhood is a secretive and sacred group that doesn't just stop at this college. It begins here and Thurel is about to take his first steps into the Brotherhood and possibly get initiated into it. If he wins the chase. . .

"If they want a chase? I'll play." - Thurel

This is going to be a series of four novellas set in the world of Saint-Laurent Boarding College for Boys! They can be read as standalones from "The Initiation Series", but I think for a better reading experience they should be read after "Crown of Steel: Book 2". It's completely up to you, just if you've read the main series, you know more about the college, brotherhood, and some of the characters presented. Either way enjoy Lola's writing and just the dark college romance!

This college is for the very rich and influential. Basically, all of the students enrolled have very important families with money. Within the hierarchy there's even divides amongst the wealthier students. Who came from old money, new money, or found money. Power is a currency that many fear and respect within the halls of the institution. Thurel taking note of the differences and how the "higher" class guys act like they're above everyone else.

I could relate to Thurel and being tired of just being okay. Treading water, not drowning, but not moving forward in any clear direction. He wants to end that monotony and be someone and something. When he's chosen for the Wicked Chase, he kind of lets his excitement for the possibility of new get the better of him. Not bothering with reading the fine print of an NDA until he's in the woods at night with some other men! Soon realizing maybe, he should have taken a closer look at the contract.

Lola's dark writing is something that has always drawn me into her books! Just the psychological aspect of things and how the MCs interact with one another. Such twisted seduction that just sends good chills down your spine. Sucking you further into the read as you watch the tale unfold! And this novella is all about primal play and bringing out the want and need of a character.

"Guys have always been. . .forbidden fruit." - Thurel

Thurel plays along with this game, but he gives his chaser a bit of a challenge. I enjoyed how he faced Maël and put up a fight. Maël enjoying it just as much if not more and pleased to have chosen Thurel for this. The dynamic between the two was fantastic and so hot. The two also having different views about sex and what that meant to them. Public sex is not viewed as a shameful act, and many do it freely.  

"I don't want you to crawl like an animal. I want you to crawl like my pet." - Maël

This novella is more of an erotica with some plot to it! We do have language and be mindful of the TWs. There's dubious/non-consent but I very much appreciate that when the moment comes for MM action Maël ensures it's completely okay with Thurel. This is a dark romance and with the chase you do feel Thurel's fear. We get dual POVs, mainly in Thurel's POV to really feel the intensity of things and understand the chase. There's some humiliation and Master/Pet play. Being collared by a specially designed collar for our MMC.

Maël may be very possessive of Thurel but he also cares for Thurel. Aftercare is shown and I love how in public Maël puts on a bit of a show on, you will have to read the book to understand why, but in private it's gentler and more intimate. Maël also doesn't allow anyone to touch what's his! HEA for our main characters!

I need the other three novellas of this series! Do enjoy this primal MM erotica that's less than two hundred pages long! And don't forget to give the author some stars!

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