Broken Out (By the Human): Trapped with a Monster Author L.E. Eldridge

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

“Thank you for freeing me. In return, I will grant you one wish for anything you may desire.” - Zephyr

Listen, forget about rubbing that lamp, just smash a vase!

It was an accident! Wilder's the owner of an antiques shop and someone searching for and holding out for the one. He's a big history nerd who loves his antique shop and getting shipments in! Only when a mysterious vase arrives it completely catches his eye. Little does he know that by causing the vase to break it will bring forth a 'Wishbringer' who will change his life forever. Just not in the usual wish making way you would think!

“And how am I supposed to know it’s not one of those tricky wishes, one where I make it and you twist my words and leave me worse off? I’ve seen the Twilight Zone, and no thank you.” - Wilder

I absolutely loved Wilder! His personality and attitude were just perfect! Our snarky antique owner doesn't know what to do when Zephyr appears and states he needs to make a wish. Wilder can't really think of anything and he's also hesitant about making one. I mean my love reads supernatural books and so he understands how dangerous wish making can be!

Zephyr just wants to be free of this "little human" and to remain on the down-low for a while. "Wishbringers", genies, are sought after and it isn't always a good thing. The ancient being is sick of humans and views them in a bad way. Only something about Wilder and his hesitancy to make any type of wish has Zephyr curious. As the two get closer Zephyr can't deny he may even like being around a human. (He will never say it out loud though!)

"He watched as the man visibly bristled, and Wilder bit his bottom lip to keep from smiling. Something about his anger made him smile, which didn’t feel normal." - Wilder

I instantly loved their banter! Wilder pushing all of Zephyr's buttons and more! Wilder being that sassy sunshine while Zephyr is the grumpy, purple cloud just trying to get out of this situation. Forced roommates and forced proximity galore! I enjoyed reading their dynamic and how their relationship grew. Little romantic things along the way and developing feelings.

Zephyr scoffed and handed it over. “Yes, and your bitter cup of bean juice.” 

He mock-gasped. “This is a delicacy, and it’s delicious.”

I really loved that Wilder wears crop-tops and skirts! Even doing stylish makeup that makes me want to go out and get some things! Zephyr admiring the little human maybe even staring a little too long at Wilder when he's wearing a crop-top. . .sssh he isn't supposed to like the human in any capacity! 

This read is very cute and fluffy! But we do have some sad moments and tense ones. Language is in the read and there is some violence and bloodshed. There're no insane gory details this book remaining lighthearted! Mention of death and the sadness of losing someone, a past someone. Dual POVs in third person.

“I can shapeshift in more than just one way wildcat.” - Zephyr

We have a slow burn, but the read is only one hundred and nine pages in length! So, the wait isn't that long especially since the sexual tension starts building. Wilder realizing he may have a thing for Zephyr's true "monster" form was everything! I really respected the fact that when things got heated and Zephyr let out words of degradation, he immediately made sure Wilder liked it. Wilder very much enjoying it and Zephyr's fancy peen. MM action, Dom/Sub, size differences, and more! 

This was my first read from this author and I have to say I'm hooked! Going to go back and read the other two books of this series that can be read as standalones! I do wish the POVs had been in first person or at least one of them. It didn't throw me out of the book, and I still really enjoyed it. The take on genies and some of the things revolving around Zephyr and how he has lived for many years without going insane were intriguing.

Do enjoy the fun monster romance with great banter and crop-tops! And don't forget to give the author some stars!

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