Unhinged Author Vera Valentine

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"My Tana was in danger, and even as sturdy as I was, I’d never felt more helpless." - Front Door

He's been protecting her and watching over Tana since the moment she agreed to take the apartment. Slowly falling even more in love with her but unable to do anything about it! Our Front Door is just that, a door!

Only when a predator lurks closer to getting what he wants our Front Door can no longer be content with just being a door! What this scumbag wants is Tana and has shown his true colors to our Door Boy. How can a front door protect the woman he loves from danger?! Is there a way for him to not be a door? Would she even accept him if there was a way?!

"Even though I was, architecturally-speaking, obligated to support her, I still felt like I was actively providing her comfort. The thought of that warmed me down to my threshold." - Front Door

So, I have been seeing this book talked about over social media. I have also listened to the audiobook, "Squeak". (Want to reread/listen and do a review!) Sometimes you just need a fun, quirky, little novella that you think wouldn't dip too deep into serious affairs. Fair warning this novella does get heavy and deal with some triggering materials.  

Tana is a single woman who lives on her own, or at least she thought she lived alone. Having an apartment or just somewhere to call home is very satisfying. She has caught the attention of her front door since day one when she came to tour the place. Front Door knew instantly that something was different about this woman and had been captivated ever since.

“Because I didn’t realize my goddamn front door was a voyeur, dude!” - Tana

I mean our poor MMC kind of has no choice but to watch Tana go about her day to day. Good days and bad days. Only he cannot move let alone speak to the woman he's fallen for! Set aside the romance because the Front Door knows something Tana doesn't. She's in danger! The superintendent's abusing his privileges and job to get closer to Tana. . . Grade A predator who has his eyes set on her!

I really liked this novella! The twist and explanation of how the Front Door came about. All I have to say is Zeus. . . I liked the cameos of some of the Greek Gods or mentions of them! This supernatural book does contain language throughout. Do be mindful of the TWs! Again, we are dealing with a predator. There is some violence and an accident that takes place.

“Right. Okay. Well, I’m either about to get more kinky than I ever thought I could. . ." - Tana

This novella is spicy, and I love that we got a plotline other than the love interests coming together! I appreciated the fact that before Tana did the deed with her Front Door, she cleaned it! Sanitizing it as best she could and giving great detail on how to properly do it. I was laughing at so many scenes! Now the MMC does become human and so we have fun MF action that way. Tana being more dominant and our virgin MMC loving every minute of it! I liked that when the Front Door became human, we saw his struggle with trying to adjust to the new form!

We get an HEA of course! I loved the writing and how the story flowed! I also found the single POV very cool, it being from the Front Door's perspective! I have to completely agree with Jayson, ezeekat on TT and Insta, I will never be able to look at a doorknob the same again! I live in an apartment and my front door looks very similar to the cover of this book. . . Yes, I will be calling my therapist shortly. 

"You’ve done so much already. You were a very good door, I hope you know that.” - Tana

Listen, read the fun novella with a bunch of laughs, spicy scenes, "why am I reading this moments", and I hope this piece of trash gets what he deserves! Just have fun with it, it's only seventy-one pages! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

If you want to check out Jayson, I highly recommend him! He's so sweet, comical, down to earth, and I just really love his reviews and shorts! He also reads a variety of books and genres!


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