The Manny: A Reverse Grumpy Sunshine Nanny Romance (Men At Work) Author Nina Bloom

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4 out of 5 stars!

"Working from home isn't ideal because it's hard to think about proposals when I have an active toddler throwing food and tantrums." - Mae

Mae is an independent, ambitious, career woman who's achieved a lot within the male dominated world of corporations. But having a very active toddler and being a single mom is no joke and places more strain on her shoulders. Mae wouldn't trade Isabel for the world only she knows she needs help because she's struggling.

Enter a nanny who is a man and a very hot one at that! Not only is he causing Mae to have wild fantasies in her head but he's also a perfect caregiver for Isabel. Mae must keep their relationship professional or risk losing it all. She can't jeopardize this for her daughter or herself. Remi's a good fit for her and her home and she needs the extra support! Especially with the fate of her cofounded company in the balance!

"He leaves a little sunshine wherever he goes." - Mae

I found this read quite refreshing when it came to the classic trope of businessman/nanny. Mae being the hardworking businesswoman and Remi the dutiful "manny". Neither of them feeling insecure about their genders or trying to one up the other or stating the other should be doing a more "suiting role". I loved that they saw the value in each other and found respect for all they have achieved plus some.

Mae is a single mom and doesn't glorify being a single mom. I admired that Nina showcased the reality and hardships of being a single parent and just being a parent in general. You love your children and want to be there always for them but sometimes you need a break. Mae struggles with feelings of inadequacy and that she's not living up to the standards of a "good mother". At moments seeing how Remi handles Isabel and feeling like a failure even though she is doing her best. Ah, the whispers of doubt.

I liked how Mae is a successful businesswoman and knows her worth. She doesn't tolerate men trying to negotiate proposals in hotel rooms. . . Only as she continues to fight tooth and nail for her company to stay afloat, she begins realizing things about herself and her life.

I enjoyed the chemistry between Remi and Mae. Both having mutual feelings and pinning for one another but not being able to act on it. I appreciated that Nina included the detail of Mae thinking of Isabel first and foremost wanting what's best for her daughter. Making things more complicated as feelings and bonds grow. Remi's also younger than Mae and this factors into some of her decision making. (Yes, a reverse age gap!)

"Queeny's laughter is the prettiest melody I've ever heard. I try to make her sing it every chance I get." - Remi

I loved reading from Remi's POV and just how he saw the world. Seeing Mae for who she is and not feeling lesser because of her career. His positive outlook on life and how he really does spread a little bit of sunshine everywhere he goes. Remi being assertive and stern when he needs to but ultimately just happy. This romance not being a simple, clear cut one. Raw emotions and vulnerability being shown as they navigate through things. 

This book has language spread throughout. Again, we see firsthand the not so fun side of being a parent and the stress of it. Men in suits using their power and influence to belittle FMC and using her mother status as a weapon against her. Misogyny and inequality shown. There's also a major accident that takes place in the book and the sequence of events after the accident may be triggering for some. 

"Stealing kisses now, are we?" - Mae

"A man's gotta eat." - Remi

Along with the close proximity, reverse age gap, and sunshine x grump. We have sexual tension galore! I really can't state who falls first because these two are comical! We do get some fun MF action scenes! But be prepared for the edging until the scenes finally happen! I loved the intimacy between the two whether it was NSFW or not. Also, the comedy surrounding the two MCs and their back and forth. Not to mention their terms of endearment for one another! The couple do get an HEA.

So, there were a few things that got me, this is just my personal and honest opinion! You may think otherwise and absolutely love everything about the book! I felt like Mae and an important MC needed more dialogue between the two along with some balance. Sitting down and talking more about certain things that pertain to one of the arcs of the book. A reconciliation that didn't fully bear the weight of one.

There were a couple of scenes that I felt had been rushed. Some of the ending sequences felt abrupt and added in to insure everyone had an HEA. There was a character that you knew from previous chapters and understood was a terrible person felt oversold that they were evil when they got page time. 

** This may be a spoiler so feel free to skip but I know it seems cut equally fifty-fifty about this particular trope. Some absolutely loving it and others shutting books because of it. For me it just depends on the author and how the characters are written. I don't normally go out of my way to find this trope. There's a pregnancy HEA and we do get to see and understand childbirth. The MMC being the POV. Just a heads up because I know for some people this is a triggering situation. **

This is just my personal opinion, again you may absolutely love every single part of this book! I did very much enjoy the romance and the refreshing take on the classic trope. Do enjoy the read and don't forget to give the author some stars! The Manny: A Reverse Grumpy Sunshine Nanny Romance (Men At Work) eBook : Bloom, Nina, Fiegl, Nina : Kindle Store

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