Love Potions and Paperwork: A Claws & Cappuccinos Short Author Bex Deveau

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Poor Eugine was in for a very, very, interesting day."

Ah yes, let me get a coffee with multiple shots of a love potion. . . A mix up gone wrong or possibly very right? 

Eugine is trying to be the best assistant he possibly can be, but Maeve doesn't make things easy for him. His curvy, cat-girl boss is a goddess in his eyes but our poor, shy, mantis can't bring himself to say those things out loud. I mean Maeve is viewed as a cold-hearted-tyrant of a boss so it may end with him out of a job. Little do either of them know that things are about to get very spicy, and HR will not approve!

"I wasn’t going out of my mind, I’d been spelt." - Maeve

This read is only seventy-two pages long but oh my! 

While reading I kept getting "The Devil Wears Prada" or "The Proposal" vibes. Maeve has very high standards for everyone around her and if you don't meet those, goodbye. Eugine has lasted longer than the previous assistants, but nothing is a sure thing.

I liked that we had a little bit of a plot with this read and some fluffiness. It was very hot and spicy. Eugine is a subby male who doesn't shy away from that fact or see it as a negative thing. Maeve taking full advantage of it and enjoying it, but she will never admit that out loud! I appreciated that even under the influence of the lust potion Maeve still gave Eugine outs. CNC is present but consent is key in all of this, you will also just have to read the short novella to understand why Eugine approves.

I really loved this read and definitely want more of this universe! The main couple has an HEA. I liked the details of the monster MCs and Eugine even chirps! There're also some other fun details about Eugine. . . We get dual POVs, there's language throughout the read, and office scenes. Mention of grief and having to adjust to someone not being around, but again this read stays on the lighter side of things. 

Reverse age gap romance, a subby male and dom female, grumpy/sunshine, and so much more. Be mindful of the TWs also make sure to have things charged or a partner on standby. . . Loved the spice and just how the scenes were written! Love Bex's writing style and really cannot wait for the next couple in the series!

Enjoy the short, erotic, monster romance, novella where even the printer gets to be an important prop! And don't forget to give the author some stars!

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