Liar's Regret: Tales from the Jianghu (A Wuxia Short Story) Author JF Lee

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5 out of 5 stars!

First off if you haven't read "Fall of the King Saber" book 3 in "The Tales of the Swordsmen" read that first! This little novella contains spoilers for the ending of said book!





“Oh, Li Ming, how am I supposed to raise this wayward daughter of yours? She is wicked and wild and will not treat her elders with respect." - Tao Jun

This is a fun little read as a 0.5 between "Fall of the King Saber" and "Echo of the Blue Mountain"! Shu Yan and Tao Jun come across a woman being harassed by a man. Shu Yan intervening and showcasing how much she has matured under her teachings with Li Ming and Tao Jun. Only like a lot of men who can't take no for an answer A Dou isn't letting go of what Shu Yan did. . .

How will our little apprentice handle this sequence of events?!

I've missed Shu Yan's snark and sass along with Tao Jun and his dramatics! The two pairing well as Tao Jun teaches Shu Yan. I love how the author really helps you to submerge into his books with sights and sounds! Depicting what one would expect when traversing the areas.

The comedy is fantastic, and the witty banter is just phenomenal! I love JF Lee's writing style and how he brings his characters and their individualities to life! I cannot wait for the next main book of the series! The swordsmen of Blue Mountain are back!?!

This is a YA genre book. I didn't catch any language with this little novella. There was very mild violence, mention of selling someone to a brothel, and the POVs are in third person shifting from one character to the next. Shu Yan being the main focal point of interest for POV.

Enjoy the quick read and don't forget to give the author some stars! Liar's Regret: Tales from the Jianghu (A Wuxia Short Story) eBook : Lee, JF: Kindle Store

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