A Vexing Valentine: Monsters of The Divide Book 2 Author T. B. Wiese

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

This series are standalone novellas with HEAs for main couples! However, there are little Easter Eggs and previous characters popping up. I read this one first before reading book one so I'm going to review them the way I read them = out of order (gasp)!




"Monsters are real."

Monsters are real and they aren't the ones your typical monster lover author writes about. If you are caught outside after warning sirens, then you better have written out a will. . . 

Max's tired of being stalked by a monster! Our ex-monster hunter is done of just sitting in his house watching the monster who watches him. He decides to take things into his own hands and confront said monster. He has nothing to lose so why should he care if his life ends? Yet, something about the monster fascinates him and has him awestruck by its beauty. NO, Max, no! It is a monster he should hate it, loathe it with every fiber of his being. . .right?! 

"No one enjoys being alone. I’m no exception … especially with Valentine’s Day a week away." - Max

I saw the author filling up my feed with artwork of the main characters and snippets from the book. Plus, I was just in the mood for a novella and monsters are always down my alley. Whether the monsters are yummy or the villains of the story! This read has a mixture of both!

Max is dealing with grief and not very well. His heart is heavy and the emptiness of his being and home match. But when he begins to notice some changes around his neighborhood his hunter instincts kick in. Just like riding a bicycle you never truly just forget all of it. Spotting a monster who seems to be hanging around his house specifically the notebook comes out along with binoculars and caffeine to stay awake! Only after so many weeks Max can't just stay idle any longer!

"I thought my obsession would wear off, but ever since I first scented him, it’s like I’m being pulled to him. I can’t resist." - Vex

Vex avoided the human realm like the plague! Preferring to stay on the monster side of The Divide. Only once they scented Max it was all over. Vex doesn't know why but they're drawn to Max and will not allow another monster to get close to the human. They have a hunch as to why they're drawn to Max but it's impossible. I mean a human and a monster can't be a thing, right?!

I really loved this novella and just all of the romance and fluff! We understand the gravity of earth's situation and how the monsters who cross over are not good. I like that not all of the monsters are reverted to their primal instincts and there's diversity amongst them. The confusion and longing between the two MCs was fantastic. I mean one is a monster hunter while the other is a literal monster! Yet, neither of them can help but stare at the other with utter want!

First time reading from this author and really enjoyed her style! The banter is fantastic and even though Max is big and scary he's also a giant cinnamon roll who easily gets distracted! I really liked the descriptions of the monsters and how are MC was well fleshed out. Understanding how Vex worked and what their abilities were. The author spoils us with a list and descriptions of monsters from The Divide who we may encounter within the book. Breaking it down and comparing them to the human monsters we already know i.e. vampires, werewolves, etc.

Again, this read does deal with depression and grief. Max also has a bit of PTSD and has flashback episodes. A scene involving hallucinogenic that results in a nightmare. There's a scene of a MC purging themselves of something that may be a little triggering to some. Vex also allows Max to lash out and there's some violence. Violence, gore, blood drinking, and bloodshed are present within the book along with language. I like the author's note before the TWs. 

The monster falls first with this read! We get dual POVs, and I really loved being inside both of the MC's heads! One sided enemies to lovers, forced proximity, sexual tension, and more! The tension between the two is so well written and I just wanted both of my babies to get an HEA! Which they do as well as a great Valentines! We get fun scenes of MM action and Vex has some handy secretions. . . I also enjoyed the take on fated mates and what that meant. Max's comparison to what Vex says is hysterical.

Cannot wait for more holiday novellas of this series! I read book one and will be reviewing it shortly! The books can be read as standalones but again it may be more enjoyable to read them in order. They're under two hundred pages so quick, fun, and spicy reads!

Enjoy the monster romance novella with a monster stalker x human stalker! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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