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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This is book three and the FINAL book of the "BABYLOVE" series, so potential spoilers ahead! "SUGARSNAP" takes place after book one of the companion series, "ZOMBABE". 






"Two weeks until graduation. And then the rest of their lives."

Graduation cannot come soon enough! The girls are ready to kiss their smalltown goodbye and never see it again! New York or bust!

But Bulldeen itself isn't ready to let Frankie and Ivy go. The two face one more challenge before they can claim the future they want. The future of being able to hold hands in public and not be looked at with terrified eyes. Only can they overcome this final attack against them or will the dark magic win?!

"They were so close to getting out of here. What was one more horror?"

Our girls have been through so much and have only grown closer and stronger! Frankie and Ivy want to finally be free of judging eyes and harsh words/rumors. No longer having to hide their love for one another or play off their closeness as just being really good friends. It's 2005 and in a smalltown it's hard to be open about being lesbians. 

I so enjoyed seeing the girls coming of age arc from book one to this final installment. Wanting only the best for them but certain things aren't about to let them go so easily. Our girls have to literally fight their way out and forcefully claim their future! I loved seeing the little subtle changes the girls made to their appearances showcasing how they are rubbing off on one another.

Closure is a big thing with this final installment and tying up loose ends. It's hard enough leaving everything you know and are comfortable with behind but then add in the darkness of the town! The horrors that people just try to shrug off or ignore. Ivy and Frankie have to face them one last time and it is very personal for the girls.

I enjoyed the YA horror of the book and got "Stranger Things" vibes as I read. Some people believing in the unexplained events of the town and some thinking it as nonsense. The horror was well written and depicted. Some of the scenes may be a little gruesome and detailed out. There's bloodshed and violence along with one scene of an animal death.

This book does contain language because Frankie is not one to hold back. The book is in Frankie's POV only but as third person POV. I loved my girl's attitude and how she felt toward certain situations. Even remaining calm in moments when others would rashly act out. I respected how she already knew what she wanted and stood up for it/went for it. Ivy also learning to spread her wings and let go of the standards others held her to!

This was a really good ending for the trilogy, and I am going to miss them! But there was mention of them having cameos in a new book that Belle is writing! I love this author's writing style and the YA horror. Nailing all of the vibe checks and some!

Enjoy the final part of Frankie and Ivy's story and don't forget to give the author some stars!

Amazon.com: SWEETHEARTS: a spooky sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #3) eBook : Belle, I.S. : Kindle Store

SWEETHEARTS: a spooky sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #3): a spooky sapphic romance novella by I.S. Belle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Book 2

 Amazon.com: SUGARSNAP: a spooky sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #2) eBook : Belle, I.S.: Kindle Store

SUGARSNAP: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #2) by I.S. Belle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Book 1

Amazon.com: Babylove: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #1): 9780473668327: Belle, I S: Books

BABYLOVE: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #1) by I.S. Belle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

BABYLOVE (BABYLOVE #1) | I S Belle (isbelleauthor.com)

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