Fae's Mate: Fated Fae Book 1 Author Luna Daye

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5 out of 5 stars!


"Like, don't step in the mushroom ring, has elemental magic fae?"

Seki's whisked away to the Fae realm along with ten other humans. Ah, the dream of so many fae romance readers, only Seki's not having any of it! The "High Lord" is infuriating and not giving any clear answers. Seki forms new friendships as her and the others try and figure out more about the realm, they are currently in. None of them wishing to remain here since all of them were rudely taken from their homes/lives. 

But as Seki continues to remain in the Fae realm and learn more about it, she soon finds herself reconsidering going home. Something about the High Lord of the Autumn Court is pulling her toward him but she should resist, right? Will they be able to return home? Is there anything really amazing worth going home to? And what's the deal with a Fae's Mate?

“He can’t lie, but don’t apologize, and don’t make any deals!”

I think everyone has "what if" moments of being pulled into another realm and leaving the current one behind. But that doesn't actually happen! Well, that's not supposed to happen. . . Seki, wants answers much like the other humans who were yanked into the Fae Realm. I love that she takes no BS from the Fae and isn't instantly all doe-eyed toward the High Lord. 

I really love that the entire group of humans are not into the whole "human-napping" thing. The group being of a wide diversity from race to different sexualities, to disabilities. We have a deaf person amongst the group who has to sign with another. The reactions to situations were more normal/realistic reactions. If you were thrown into a new world, you'd probably start by making sure you were safe and then move on to basic needs. Not immediately jumping into the arms of a sparkly, unknown Fae.

Seki is reluctant to explore the new feelings she has toward the High Lord. The High Lord keeping a big secret from her that may change her decision about leaving. . . The two have to navigate through their differences and the unique etiquettes of Fae vs human. Fae being very mindful of their words and how they speak while humans not seeing an issue with handing out their names or having conversations. 

This book was a cozy read with fun banter and great characters! Language is present along with mention of bloodshed and aftermaths of an attack. There were no detailed descriptions at all about any of the violence, this is a lighthearted book! You do feel the anxiety of the characters and the "what ifs" of maybe never being able to return home. Representation of LGBTQ+ is featured with some of the side characters. There is a scene depicting what happens when a Fae is behind iron bars, again nothing graphic.

"I breathe him in, pumpkin spice and forests. . ." - Seki 

The romance is a slow burn with all the fun tensions! Dual POVs helping to showcase the mutual pining/attraction but also the hesitance. Some spicy scenes that had me holding my breath until I realized the moment was over for the MCs. I loved the couple as the book continued and was so happy for their HEA! There's also a very cool and fun change to the chapter head introducing who's POV it is toward the end of the book. That's all I am going to say. No surprise pregnancy trope or HEA baby trope!

So, the main couple of the book gets an HEA, but there's a cliffhanger for the overarching plot of the book and why the humans were kidnapped. This series will need to be read in order because of important events and sequences. Each book features different couples but I imagine former ones will make cameos!

Enjoy the sweet romance with fun twists on magic, the Fae realm, and mates! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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