The Season: Endless Winter Book 1 Author Elisha Kemp

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5 out of 5 stars!

"I might not have much, but for the first time in my life, I won't have to answer to anyone." - Lily

Lily is about to trade in paradise for the snowy ski village in Utah. Hawai'i for Utah?! Paradise just doesn't seem like it when the island becomes very small because of an ex and past regrets. She decides to do something about it and makes a decision for herself! The snowy mountains call to her like the sea calls to others.

But shortly after arriving in the village she quickly begins to understand the gravity of things. Right down to having no other option than to share a condo with six other people! Will she turn tail and run home in defeat? Or will she be able to adapt and find her true freedom? It's just for one season, she can do this, right. . ?

"Hopefully, a season will be long enough to undo everything I’ve done wrong." - Lily

I could relate to Lily in so many different ways! She's tired of following everyone else's narrative for her life and decides to do something against the grain. Packing up and going to Utah for the winter season in hopes of finding more. Lily is unsure about the circumstances surrounding the overpriced ski village but she's trusting her gut! Even if that includes moving into a condo that's already overcrowded.

I really loved Lily's growth and her fighting spirit. Not backing down to anything including bullheaded "men" who wanted to knock her down a few pegs. . . She's taking control back for her life and not allowing anyone to stand in her way. But she may learn that it is okay to lean on others for help every once in a while.

Elisha really captured the magic of being on the snow and riding. I was so lost in the descriptions of the MCs skiing or snowboarding down the slopes I forgot how to breath a couple of times. You're really able to understand the beauty and horror of being on the snow. Some of the MCs are ski/snowboard instructors who go over both good and bad things about the sport. There are also some backstories with injuries that are really intense. 

One thing that really draws me into Elisha's works is her characters. This book is a "why choose" romance and I love all of the guys! The author really helps to showcase the different personalities of the guys and just how unique they really are. I love getting to figure out how they will all eventually fit together before the MCs do. The banter between all of the guys is fantastic and had me laughing in several places!

Loved the organic feeling of the group in general. How not all of the guys are insta in love with Lily and even have to warm up to the idea of being near each other. Multiple POVs helping to really see the struggles! There are feelings of jealousy and emotions the MCs will have to work through. Lily also has some reservations about things. We get different representations of the LGBTQ+ community with this read! One of them being an Ace! There's also a golden retriever character!

Be sure to read the trigger warnings before you dive into the book! Language is present along with bloodshed and violence. Some of the characters backstories and homelives that are intense. There's a scene driving on ice and snow that may have some feeling tense after reading. An attempted SA that was stopped! One of the MCs is an ex-Marine and has a couple of scenes with PTSD. 

With this book we get a lot of sexual tension! It's a slow build as the characters navigate through things. Some even questioning their stance on their sexualities. We do get a steamy MFM scene but no full course meal just yet. There are a couple of teases with MM action and MF action. We have second chance romances, forced proximity, student x instructor, and more!

This book had me feeling so many different ways and relating to a lot of the characters. I love Elisha's books and just the raw emotions you feel through the characters. Whether they are good or bad emotions. Absolutely enjoy the writing style and the descriptions of everything! This series is going to be another one I am going to be sad when the final book is read! The book does end on a cliffhanger, but it is a gentler one. I am excited for the next installment and where things are going to go!

Enjoy the snowy read with romance and chaos! Don't forget to give the author some stars! The Season (Endless Winter Book 1) eBook : Kemp, Elisha: Kindle Store

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